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    List of Sam and Jack Season 1 Fics

    Yet another list for everyone's enjoyment, these fics all take place during SG-1 Season 1. If you've got a fic to recommend please make sure to list which episode the story takes place in.

    List of Sam and Jack Season One Fanfics

    General Season 1 Fics
    A family for Sam by iwrite4fun: What if... Sam had a daughter and Charlie was still alive? How would things have been different or the same? Starts in Season 1 and continues through Season 3!
    Aftershocks 1 (Aftershocks Series) by Rachel500: A series of TAGs for Seasons One and Two. What really happened with SG1 after and in between their missions? How did Daniel and Teal'c become friends? And how did Jack and Sam begin to fall for each other?
    Being 'The Girl' by Dream Weaver 85: Against all her expectations, Sam found that earning Colonel O'Neill's trust and respect was a done deal. It was the rest of the base personnel that were having trouble accepting that the 2IC slot on the program's flagship team had gone to a woman.
    Campfire Stories, Season One by Pol: A series of stories set on different planets, filling in the growth of the relationship between Sam and Jack. Some are missing scenes, some are episode tags.
    Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by Regency: AU. It was around the time they saved her from her doomed wedding to Jonas Hanson that Sam decided to keep them. Gen, teamfic; set early season one. Not a songfic.
    Fighting (Birthday Traditions Series) by Kate McCaye: Jack throws a birthday party for the science twins.
    From the Mixed-up Files of Mr and Mrs Jack O'Neill: Season 1 by Hlndncr: What could make ten seasons of SG-1 even better? How about ten seasons of shippy drabbles that explore all stages of Sam and Jack's relationship from their first meeting to "Always" and beyond? Read how Sam and Jack's relationship undergirds the entire series with one stand alone ficlet for every single episode.
    Getting to Know You by Ruthie: Charlie O'Neill and Nathaniel Carter get into a fight at High School, prompting Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill to get to know each other better.
    In the Dark of Night by Wendy Gilliatt
    Daniel is injured on a mission and Teal'c has to help him back to the gate. Meanwhile, Sam has fallen into a hole in the ground and Jack lands on top of her. They insist that Teal'c get Daniel back to the infirmary, and they have to await rescue.
    Journals- Season 1 by Gen Varel: Following Daniel's example, Sam and Jack decide to start journals to help themselves cope with the pressures of life at the SGC.
    Relationships (13 part series) by Gen Varel: The SG-1 Team embarks on the first missions and endeavor to get to know and trust each other. This series begins during season one but continues throughout the tv series.
    String Theory: An AU Series by Annerb: Dr. Carter receives a job offer from the SGC and discovers a life she never expected.
    The Barista Series by dietcokechic: The idea was to introduce a non SG-1 person into the Stargate universe and see how she interacts with the very strange happenings that occur on a nearly weekly basis. The idea of a coffee shop Barista was just pure inspiration (although living in Seattle didn't hurt).
    Unsuspecting Universe by SelDear: Two teammates alive, seven Jaffa dead. And one Captain Samantha Carter with a junked up weapon, and a glitter in her eye that boded badly for the universe.

    Children of the Gods
    First Impressions (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
    Not Belonging (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
    Points In Time by Brenda Anders: A new weekly series of missing scenes based on certain episodes.
    Settling In (Campfire Stories) by Pol
    Thou Shall Not by GenVarel: Captain Samantha Carter embarks on a new and exciting stage of her career encumbered by a grave personal mistake, while Colonel O’Neill gets a new lease on life unsuspecting that it comes with a very personal challenge.
    Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Telkena: An AU version of “Childern of the gods”

    The Enemy Within
    Bonding (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
    Cry For The Moon by Carrie: Jack, trying to cope with Kawalsky’s death.
    Leaning (Campfire Series) by Pol
    Lost and Found by ETS: Missing Scenes/Tag for The Enemy Within.

    A Matter of Trust by MandySG1: After Emancipation, how did Sam feel about her team.
    Apology by EST: Sam receives an apology.
    First Steps by Denise: The first steps of friendship, post Emancipation.
    Free at Last by Eadelon - what would have happened had Turghan "partaken" of his prize before Jack & Co. could arrive to save Sam?
    Freedom of a Different Sort (Campfire Series) by Pol
    Handsome pants by bluemoonmaverick: "Remember that time on P3X-595? You drank that stuff that made you take off..." Well, here's the story behind it. A light hearted one-shot, set Season 1, pre-Emancipation. Sam/Jack, of course.
    Karma by Annerb: Daniel discovers a binding consequence of SG1’s time with the Shavadai.
    Mistakes (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
    Possession by SaraBahama: Jack gives Sam a chance to vent about her treatment after she was sold to a Mongol-type warlord on P3X-593 Simarka . A contrast between Sam's treatment from Turghan and from Jack.
    Scruffy No More (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
    Size Six Please by Janet: Missing scene after Emancipation.
    That One Time On P3X-595 by Nynaeve506 (pre-emancipation fic on P3X-595): "Remember that time on P3X-595? You drank that stuff that made you take off…" In retrospect, Jack probably should have warned her about drinking alien alcohol.
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    Broca Divide
    • This episode has it's own thread

    The First Commandment
    Encore (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
    Gods and Monsters (Campfire Series) by Pol
    Jonas' Will by ALIMOO1971 M-Rated: After returning from PYX364 Major Samantha Carter receives some shocking news concerning Jack and Jonas.
    Talking Strategy (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500

    Cold Lazarus
    A Change by Nynaeve506: Epilogue to the episode "Cold Lazarus"
    One Door Closes (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
    When Sam met Sara! by Catygirl: What would happen if Sam Carter met and became friends with Sara O'Neill. This, my new story offering, takes SG-1 on an AU trip where that friendship exists. What does it mean for Sam? What does it mean for Jack?

    The Nox
    The Very Young (Campfire Series) by Pol
    The Way of the Nox (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
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      Brief Candle
      Appearances by Denise: Brief Candle tag.
      Perchance to Dream (Campfire Series) by Pol
      Rule Number One (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
      Worth It by Gen Varel: Sam unwittingly saves Jack from making a life-threatening mistake.

      Thor's Hammer
      Acceptance (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
      It's All Greek to Me (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
      Points In Time 3 by Brenda Anders: A new weekly series of missing scenes based on certain episodes.

      The Torment of Tantalus
      Lonely Together by Gen Varel M-Rated: Sam and Jack fail to make it through the Stargate before it plunges into the ocean, so they are stranded in Ernest’s planet.
      Points In Time 4 by Brenda Anders: A new weekly series of missing scenes based on certain episodes.
      The Torment of Daniel (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
      Through Hell and High Water (sequel to Lonely Together) by GenVarel: Sam and Jack must face the consequences of their intimate relationship while stranded on Heliopolis, Ernest’s planet.
      Within Reach (Campfire Series) by Pol

      Defining Family (Aftershocks Series) by Rachel500
      Snakes, Why Does it Have to be Snakes? by Denise: Post Bloodlines.
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        Fire and Water
        Essence of Spirit (Campfire Series) by Pol
        Hospital Scrubs (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
        Medical Considerations - Fire & Water by OzKaren: What happened as a result of the events in 'Fire and Water'?
        Missing Man Formation by K Hanna Korossy: Missing scene to "Fire and Water". Teal’c had never really felt the death of a comrade until Daniel Jackson died.
        Points In Time 5 by Brenda Anders: A new weekly series of missing scenes based on certain episodes.
        Too Close For Comfort (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500

        Colonel Jack (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
        Nightmares (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500

        Alone (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
        Extended Family by Kelly Wood: Kind of an epilogue to "Singularity". With angst.
        For the Love of a Child by Denise: Singularity missing scene, two women, one child...could we have a problem?
        Plurality (Campfire Series) by Pol
        SG1's Single Mom by Rose Stetson: What would have happened in the series if Sam had adopted Cassie?

        Following Orders by LostinChlt: While Sam and Jack wait for General Hammond to make his call to the President.
        Forgiveness (Aftershocks Series) by Rachel500
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          Humming (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
          Schrodinger's Bowl by Arnie: Sam after "Enigma"

          Above and Beyond (Campfire Series) by Pol
          Concrete Constellations by K. Siegfried: This story is set immediately after the season one episode Solitudes. Jack is being a cranky patient with all of his injuries and it is up to Sam to give him an attitude adjustment.
          Failure of Perfection by Terri D. Thomas: An epilogue for "Solitudes"
          Ice Cold in Antarctica by Su Freund: Jack's thoughts in Solitudes before he goes to sleep with Sam next to him.
          Ice Cold in Antarctica-Reset by Su Freund: Sam's thoughts after she wakes up Jack while keeping him warm in Antarctica.
          It was an honor serving with you by Nilladien: Epilogue to Solitudes.
          Just a Kiss to Say Goodbye (Stolen Kisses Series) by Hlndncr: There just aren't enough scenes of Sam and Jack kissing. Here are a series of vignettes that attempt to remedy that terrible oversight.
          Keeping Watch by Brenda Anders: Solitudes Epilogue.
          Medical Considerations- Solitudes by OzKaren: What happened as a result of the events in 'Solitudes'?
          Not So Solitary by Denise: Post Solitudes.
          Points In Time 6 by Brenda Anders: A new weekly series of missing scenes based on certain episodes.
          Recovering Together (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
          Similar Features by knightshade: Jack’s going stir crazy in the infirmary.
          Small World (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
          Solitudes: Rescued by Jenny Standridge: Jack and Sam deal with the aftermath of their all too close brush with death.
          Solitudes-the Reversal by K. Siegfried: What might have happened if Sam was injured instead of Jack during the "Solitudes" episode.

          Tin Man
          Better (Aftershocks Series) by Rachel500
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            There But for the Grace of God
            Back to Reality (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
            Meet You On The Other Side by LSgrimm91: AU Jack O'Neill, a Brigadier General with a serious dislike for scientists, has been placed in charge of the world's biggest technological investment. Things wouldn't get easier when his Head of the Science Department was as attractive as Dr Samantha Carter.

            Dress Blues (Barista Series) by dietcokechic
            Hope (Aftershock Series) by Rachel500
            Turning Point by SaraBahama: The universe conspires to force Jack O'Neill to consider relationships in a whole new light: once he turns the corner, there's no going back. Tag to 'Politics'.
            Volo, Non Valeo (Campfire Series) by Pol

            Within the Serpent's Grasp
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                          Karma by Annerb

                          Turning Point by SaraBahama
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                            A Change (Cold Lazarus)


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