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    Shep Whump Round Robin

    The Shep Whump Thread Round Robin is up and running!
    What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!

    Part 1 by Linzi

    Cold... so much searing, ice cold pervading his bones, freezing the very core of him. John lifted a weary and shaking hand to his head. He batted at a distant pain on his forehead, and when he pulled his hand away, he felt a cold tackiness there. Forcing his eyes downward he saw blood, rapidly freezing blood. What the hell? What had happened? Why was he so cold? Where was he? These questions flooded John's groggy and clouded head.

    Team? Where was his team? John panicked as he vaguely remembered flashes of a monstrous white creature, chasing them through a blinding white terrain. Pain... he remembered pain in his side. His cold, numbing fingers scrabbled to his right side and he grimaced as he felt a wetness there. Yet he felt no pain... Where were Teyla, Ronon and McKay? Why weren't they there with him? Where was his team?
    What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!


      Part 2 by Ruffles

      Rolling onto his left side, he pushed up slowly, ignoring the shards of ice stabbing into his hand. Dismayed to find his radio missing, he staggered to his feet and turned slowly in search of a landmark, anything familiar.

      "McKay!" he shouted. "Teyla! Ronon!"

      His voice echoed through the canyon. Trees on every side and sheer walls behind them. He was alone. And lost.
      What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!


        Part 3

        Rodney wakes up do to a rhymic, dull sound. As his eyes begin to open he can see that part of his body is encased by ice. He sees Ronon chipping way at the ice around him with his knife and Teyla is still unconscious.

        "Ronon?" Rodney says with a faint voice. "Where are we?" He looks around. "And where is Sheppard?"

        Ronon sighs, "I don't know. Last thing I remember is that creature attacking him and as were going after it, something knocked me out." He keeps on working. "Luckily one of my hands was still free."

        Rodney looks nervous, "Do you think there is more then one of them?"

        "Most likely," Ronon replies as he continues chipping away at the ice.

        "Oh God." Rodney squeaks.

        Teyla slow begins to regain consciousness.


        John continues to trek through the bitter cold to find his team. Nothing looks familar to him. He's not sure what hurts the most, the pain from his injures or the bitter cold on his skin.

        He walks a few feet more before he collapses face down in a pile of snow.

        A blizzard is approaching.


          Part 4

          Teyla puts a hand to her head and groans in pain while sitting up and looking at her friends. "What happend?"

          Ronon has finished freeing Rodney, and the scientist sits up, removing snow and ice splitter from his clothing, "we´re separated from Sheppard and that creature knocked us out!"

          Teyla looks at Ronon for confirmation she doesn´t want to get, but her searching eyes cannot find the wanted contradiction. John was not with them.

          "It´s true. " Ronon answers with a concerned look on his face, "how are you feeling?!"

          "My head hurts", Teyla says and rubs her head again.


          John has a slight moment of joy from the snow under him cooling his head injury, but suddenly the wind around him bites even worse than before, and the snow around him swirls in the air, burying him underneath.

          He tries to stand up, but his body does not react to the command and he closes his eyes in desperation.

          There is an angry roar from the creature that attacked him not far behind.
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            Part 5

            John could hear the creature getting closer and closer, but he couldn't will his freezing and battered body to move.

            The snow around him was beginning to change colour, the bright white becoming a murky red. The pain in his side was starting to numb over, he didn't like the idea of not being able to feel the pain; it would mask his true condition.

            Just as he managed to get enough energy to move his hands and lift his head, he felt his arms raise into the air. He was being dragged across the surface of the snow. Four figures surrounded him, two had a firm grip on his limbs while the other two scanned the area. They were all wrapped from head to toe in thick, black clothing and holding what looked like cross bows. Who on earth (or in the Pegasus for that matter) were they, he hoped they were here to help him and take him to his friends.
            What we do in life echoes in eternity - Gladiator vghUp the Blades!


              Part 6

              He was dragged for a while, but there was still no sign of his friends anywhere. Their silence was troubling him, he wanted at least to know whether they were friendly or not, "who are you?! Where are we going?" he asked, but he still received no answer.

              Instead, one of the hooded men pointed at something in the distant. "We must hurry, bring him out of here!" And he broke from the group with his crossbow aimed at something.

              John was sure they were hunters out to get that darn creature and its friends, "how many of them are here?!"

              "Several", one of them finally said, "they don´t like strangers"

              "Yeah, I got that", John groaned and tried to free himself from the tight grip they had on him. He hated feeling this vulnerable and out of control, but he could feel himself too weak to do much about it.


              McKay, Ronon and Teyla started to search for their friend, when Ronon finally found something: "Footsteps!"

              He pointed at the marks in the snow, "several people, looks like they carried something heavy"

              "John?", asked Teyla, "he was taken?" She looked worried at the murky red slurs of blood around the area where a person had been lying in the snow.

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                Part 7

                Ronon nods to confirm that it's mostly John, "The footprints look fairly new. The storm hasn't completely cover them yet."

                "Do you think that these people might have injured him?" asks Rodney with a mix of nervousness and concern.

                "I don't know Rodney, but I think we should follow the trail before the snow covers them completey and we can't find him" Teyla responds.


                The snowing and the wind begin to pick up and as the unknown men ready themselves to kill the beasts in their way, they see they creatures quickly leave.

                "The storm is picking up! They must be heading for shelter!" Informs one of the men to his leader.

                "Then I suggest we get to our shelter as well," commands the man that John was talking to earlier.

                John feels his body getting weaker and fatigue is overpowering him. He knows that he's lost alot of blood and the cold isn't helping.

                "I have my team out there. We got seperated," John says weakly.

                "We will have to look for them after the storm passes.... if the creatures haven't all ready captured them and eaten them," the leader coldly responds.

                The mere thought depresses him and he loses the battle to stay awake. He soon blacks out.


                  Part 8

                  "Ouch", John woke with a start when a searing pain rushed through his leg, "what..." he looked up and saw one of the hunters grinning down on him while he apparently applied some alcohol to clean his wound. It sure hurt like it, anyway.

                  He tried to sit up, but sweat broke out all over his face and he slumped back down while the guy put bandages over his wounded leg. His head hurt and his vision was blurry but he could make his surrounding out as some sort of a wooden hut. He could hear some muffled voices through the walls, but couldn´t make out what they said.

                  He looked up again when the mutters from the other room became louder. Another of the hunters had just come through the door and walked to the bed that John had been put on. "You should...."

                  But before he could say anything further, they heard a loud cracking sound that strongly suggested that somebody or something big had just kicked in the door or yanked it out of its hinges.

                  John was worried it was one of the creatures and tried to sit up again, every muscle hurting like hell as they tensed in agitation, and he automatically reached for his gun, only to find it gone.

                  "Where is he?! What have you done with him?!" Ronons deep voice echoed through the house, tables were obvioulsy scratching over the wooden floor, chairs fell over, and the sound of a violent punch towards faces filled the room, along with the familar sound of a gun being set.

                  Whether it was set to stun or to kill remained a mystery to John, as blackness chose this moment to reclaim him, but he was sure he heard Teyla´s voice trying to calm Ronon down, too.

                  He just hoped he had not been hallucinating and then blacked out again.
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                    Part 9

                    The leader quickly put is hands up in an non-threatening way while his men drew their weapons on John's team.

                    "We have done nothing except rescue him from certain death," The leader says calmly. "He is in very bad health and I'm afraid he won't make it through the night."

                    The man motions for his men to put their weapons down and Ronon hesitantly lowers his.

                    Teyla and Rodney assess John's wounds. They both try to call out his name, but he doesn't response.

                    Rodney looks at Ronon after seeing John's pale face,"If we don't get him back soon, there won't be anything we can do. He's looking pretty bad."

                    "How far do you think the jumper is?" aks Teyla.

                    Rodney frowns, "It's hard to say. Maybe if we leave now we can find it and get Sheppard back home."

                    "There is no way any one of you can leave while the storm is going," the leader interjects.

                    "And how long will that take," Ronon bellows.

                    "It varies, but it's been known to take days to end and even then we might get buried in."

                    "Colonel Sheppard won't last that long," Teyla states with an unpleasant attitude."

                    "We have another problem." Rodney says nervously as Ronon and Teyla wait for his response. "If we get snowed in that will also mean that the jumper will be buried."


                      Part 10

                      "we .. cross that ... bridge, when we get to it", came a weak, croaking voice from the bed.

                      "John... ", Teyla rushed to his side and put a hand on his forehead. "you´re running a fever!"

                      John tried to sit up, but quickly thought better of it and sank down on the bed again. "Ok, I´ve been better", he admitted and glanced down at the source of his pain in the leg, "At least I still have a leg there, that´s something, right?!"

                      "Won´t do you much good if we can´t get away from this ice planet though!" Rodney rushed to his friend´s side, but wasn´t a big help in cheering him up, "as I was just telling...."

                      John managed to roll his eyes in Rodney´s direction, "Glad some things never change, Mr. Optimistic!"

                      Rodney got a little peeved at that, "I´m sorry, but we´re pretty screwed right now!"

                      Teyla gave Rodney an annoyed look, "I am sure he won´t argue that point, Rodney!" Then she focused back on John, "we have to get you patched up as soon as possible, you look .."

                      John shook his head, "I think they´ve done all they can for now!" A wave of pain shot suddenly through his head and he pressed both hands on his temples, "although..., " he cast a hopeful look towards his teammates´s vest, "if you got some painkillers with you, I think I already took all of mine...!"

                      "Yes, of course", Teyla searched her vest for the pills, found a glass of water and handed them over to John, who gratefully swallowed them down.

                      "Well, for now we are safe in here!" Teyla then tried to put things in perspective, "I say we wait until the storm is over and then decide on our next move".

                      "Sounds like a plan!" John sighed. "That is, if these gentlemen don´t mind our company". He grunted in pain again, and Teyla threw a worried look down at him. She just hoped they would get him through the night with the little medication they had along.

                      The group of people gathering around them had just finished collecting their table and chairs off the floor and some threw a nasty look in Ronon´s direction, as he joined Teyla on Sheppards side.

                      The big guy glared back at them and offered a slight shrug as an apology towards Sheppard. "I thought they were bad news!"

                      "Very well", the leader finally said, "if your friend here can restrain himself from killing us, we may find a way to make it through this. As soon as the storm settles, you can be on your way.... for now, all we can do is to hope that things will not get worse!"

                      Just as things were settling to work out, the door flew out of it´s hinges and the big claw of one of the white creatures lunged at a guy standing nearby.

                      As his screams echoed through the house, Rodney couldn´t help throwing his arms up in sarcasm: "Typical!"
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                        I was in a round robin mood, so I thought I should revive the thread.

                        Why don't we start a new story?
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