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Stargate "Andromeda" -a new story(3D)-

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    Stargate "Andromeda" -a new story(3D)-

    Info about:
    Stargate Andromeda, that's my 3D animation fan-project. As the name is describing it, this story plays in the Andromeda Galaxy. Who don't know: the Andromeda Galaxy is the neighbor galaxy of our Milky way and by the way I'm wondering why there seems to be no official storyline or info around this galaxy...? However, this is it and i have a million ideas. Uploaded will it be on my YouTube channel whenever i finished something new, but about that: please be patient I'm not having that much time after coming home from work -sadly.. !

    When the Alterans started placing Star gates in theyr explored space they also visited our neighbor Andromeda. While exploring and placing Star gates there, the war with the Wraith came to the most intensive point. Resources like ships and material couldn't be used for experiments and researches like before. This was the reason for splitting groups of some Alterans who wanted to keep explore the Andromeda further.
    They found more races who used high technologie then in any other galaxy, and they believed to find the right one wich could be the key for ending this war. After the Wraith was there a second reason why they never completed the Gate-system in Andromeda: the ascending. When the Alterans started leaving Andromeda, and they started splitting into the Ancients that we know and Ori, some of the Alterans wich started building secret colonies and used the chaos to collect ZPM's, ships and a few resources that they would need. The following story of the Alteran colonies isn't a very positive one. If it was a war with other races who wanted theyr ships or technologie, the mystery energy wave that comes from the center of Andromeda and destroys civilizations again and again, or the fact that they could never hold theyr LVL of technologie for a long time, most from them dissapeared or started again and grow to different fractions. These 2 problems alone made it the Earth's researchers too dangerous to operate without shielded vehicle and military support. That's the reason why the missions in Andromeda are guided by active military integration. Spaceships like the BC 304 are not ready for service yet so the Stargate will be main transport module. The Andromeda mission was globally started with focus on the path that the Alterans went and because of warnings against an terrible enemy that they locked into a hyperspace-cycle for 1000s of years (Now the ZPM's must be pretty empty wich were used to generate this hyperspace window back then and keep the enemy flying). If the ZPM's run out and the hyperspace-lock signal ends wich will cause the window to open, the enemy forces spread out into all the galaxies were the Alterans build theyr gate systems. Result will be a galaxy swallowing invasion against anyone and everyone...

    Andromeda​ Operation Base
    This is the mission platform where the operations start from

    This military outpost isn't finished yet, but it looks already very nice!
    A "roomtour" will come as soon as i finished the 3D model.

    The video:

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    I finished the legendary Lockheed Martin F-302 today and the model looks just awesome! Here a few pics from the AndromedaOperationBase hangar:


      This looks super cool! I love the stargate models as well. I think it’s a great plot for a new stargate world. Different galaxy means new threats and new characters, will be following along!
      Just because something is unknown, does not necessarily mean that it needs to be feared. Trust yourself, and the rest will unfold. ~Teyla Emmagen~


        Thanks, its a timeintensive project but also just nice to work on it.


          Another weekend, one more time making progress! During the week i made a concept drawing of the Andromeda DHD and today i created the model in 3D, with a few design changes/ improvements.

          And here it is, i hope the design contains not too much light effects. I think i can keep it and use it from now on without earning that much design critics on it .

          Andromeda DHD01.jpgAndromeda DHD02.jpgAndromeda DHD03.jpg


            So, every gate has to lead to some destination right? This is the first test render of the planet ''PAS-15A''
            without any buiding or tree on its surface. If i have finished the planet surface i will start creating the planet itself for a view from space.



              Weekend: 3 /PAS-15A

              I finished the surface and added trees on it. I learned that today... so i didn't spend too much time on the tree model itself, hope how it is won't be a - point. I also changed the ocean a little bit and made experiments with the clouds too.

              PAS-15A05.jpgDuring the time i learned how to add tons of trees to a map i "accidentaly" found some more things out that will improve my work even more! So i can't wait for the next map to come. However tomorrow i can finally start creating the buildings of the species that lives on PAS-15A. The concept artwork is lieing on my desk since nearly half a month....


                Weekend: 4 /PAS15-A

                I've finished the planet surface this weekend and also the first animation inclusive Video-effects + the planet and its moon as well! A very productive time this time if you ask me! Just that at my home the power-safety switch turns off randomly ###### me off... happened 2 times during 3d work- however:

                I present you PAS-15A! The first planet of 1000s that we will explore together!
                PAS-15A.02.jpgSadly i can't upload higher resolutions or more pictures due to upload limitations.
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                  Weekend: 5 /Andromeda Galaxy

                  This weekend i started working on the Andromeda galaxy model.
                  Im out of picture upload capacity.. so i can't show it here, i can't show any 3D model/progress here for now but i will keep it as some kind of News-letter.

                  About the model: I finished a good galaxy model and after i finished it i noticed its not matching the real shape of the Andromeda. The problem: What i have is not a spiral-galaxy- ups. -I will change that next weekend - Anyway it was fun to work on it (try not to lie right now ) and i love to experiment with designs.


                    Weekend: 6 /Andromeda Galaxy + Ancient ruins

                    This weekend i finished the Andromeda Galaxy.

                    The new one is on a whole different level of realism.

                    Andromeda Beta.jpg

                    And now the new model:

                    Andromeda Alpha.jpg

                    I don't think there is much more talking about the difference needed.
                    And i love how the galaxy looks. Took just ~2 hours or so

                    And now the next what i am working on are Ancient ruins. Its the planet where the AOB is later build on (connection between Earth and Andromeda). I need them for the animation/trailer that i plan. Its not finished yet but i wanted to show it.

                    PS: thanks to the moderators for more picture upload capacity !

                    Ancient ruins01.jpg
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                      Weekend: 7,8 /Making Winter holiday!


                        Weekend: 9 /Ancient Ruins and MALP's!

                        It's bin a while since i worked on my project here now. Happy new MALP ''2024'' to everyone by the way!

                        So, today i finished the Ancient Ruins and another vehicle wich is by the way the true hero of the universe:
                        the MALP!

                        MALPreplicators.jpgHere a nice render from the MALP:
                        MALP.jpgAnd here are the Ruins that i finished:
                        With these parts i think the main parts, for the trailer are finished.
                        Doesn't mean it will be out till next month though... anyways i can't wait to finish it after all!


                          Weekend 10 / Animation work

                          Last weekend i worked on animations for the trailer. That whole thing will take some more time till its done.


                            Weekend 11 / Sickness

                            Sorry for the delay, but in the last week inclusive weekend i wasn't in the shape for hanging hours infront of my computer.... so... yes...

                            Middle week ! / Resumed to the Universe

                            Today i started working on the 3D model of the AOB's outside shape. And im very happy with the result so far. Its still some detail work to do but for an preview-render its already okay. :

                            AOB Door.jpg


                              Weekend 12 / Hangover

                              On Saturday last weekend i found myself in the middle of my job... So i decided to give myself one more weekend (Sunday) without PC-work. However, i made a whole lot of new progress this weekend and now most 3D work is done, wich means i'm able to create my Stargate Andromeda trailer soon!