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    I'm really glad about this ep. It gets really old to see a weekly installment of "The Atlantis team investigates a planet that offers the promise of XYZ, only to discover some sort of sinister secret." Here they actually managed to get something. Woot. Note to the writers: Gilligan Island syndrome isn't just about the idea of being stranded, it's also about the idea of false hope. You can only pull off that trick so many times before audiences become numb to it.

    As for the Daedalus, the easiest solution would have been to beam people to the other side of the planet, which would only take a few minutes back and forth.. Sure, eventually the entire would would be covered in ash, but that would take weeks and weeks, more than enough time for them to finish taking them to Atlantis.

    Of course, they didn't do that, because then there would be no urgency for Rodney to stay behind and fix the ship.


      Wow. That was, by far, the best episode this season.

      It's great how TPTB have managed to (finally) get us questioning whether or not we'll get the technology at the end of the episode. Throughout all of season one, we managed to lose every ZPM that we encountered, so it was pretty obvious that we wouldn't get it. Then, in Season 2, we managed to get some drones and a few jumpers, but lost another ZPM, Arcturus, etc. So towards the end of the episode, I wasn't sure if the Orion would survive or not. That, along with some spectacular Ancient technology, I just love seeing the spectacular Ancient sets and cool Ancient technology. In addition, the gate being buried under lava was pretty awesome, and I like Hermiod, so any episode with him is a plus.



        My God! I freaking love this episode!!!

        Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've been a Volcano-freak ever since I was 13.

        Anyway, there were plenty of bits that were damn good in this, for instance, we have references back to "Trinity" and "Rising" (blowing up planet/solar system, naming stuff, respectively), and the Ancient ship of course. Rodney's plan was brilliant. It's the kind of stuff you just never think off because it's so stupid, and yet so simple at the same time! The SFX was beyond great, and of course, we have set up for Allies!

        And Hewlett was brilliant, as always.

        Anyway, I can go on and on about this episode, but I got dinner. The episode is getting 10/5.

        EDIT: Ok, one more detail: The last half of the episode was like that little bit in Siege Part 3 when Rodney was trying to raise the shield. The tenseness of that scene was stretched out (but loosing NONE of its potency) to 30 minutes. I was on the edge of my seat AT ALL TIMES during that sequence! hands' still sweating!

        EDIT2: Ok, that scene where Beckett was trying to find a seat was hilarious as hell!
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          One thing I would like to see more of is... real stuff happening to characters. The Gift/Siege/Runner era was so great because it seemed like actual significant things were happening to the characters. I can't complain much now because I'd take even an episode half as good as this over stuff like Micheal or The Tower, but I'd like to see more real character-oriented stories rather than event/technology-oriented stories. Ones that have lasting effects and flow from/into the next/previous episode.


            Renaming a ship is Baaad mojo. That thing's a flying coffin now.


              Of course a great episode
              I didn't mind the blonde chick, it seemed like she was neccesary to convince the chancellor dude that they weren't lieing. Also i liked how he sort of mistrusted them, it complicated things. Unlike most others, i didn't really like Teyla or Ronin. It kind of made me realise how boring they are to me. Oh well. Another dorky race using ancient tech.

              Great ep


                Originally posted by smushybird
                Since Crosby usually won, except for Road to Utopia--and he kind of even won, then, too --I suppose it's appropriate for Shep to get the girl. (Rodney...or DH, anyway, should get the Emmy.)
                I've never seen so many good reviews for one SGA ep.
                I am so dying to see this one, now. You lucky people, you.
                Um, we don't know if either got the girl but it was looking like Rodney for a while. Heehee, they really were like Hope and Crosby right down to the slapping.

                I really liked this episode and it gives me encouragement for next season, and I am actually looking forward to next weeks finale.

                We have a Ship!


                  this episode was great


                    does anyone have pics of the vessel?



                      Originally posted by Merlin1701
                      does anyone have pics of the vessel?
                      *points to page 2 of this thread*

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                        Well I can't be bothered reading 5 pages of replies, but it's good to see that alot of people liked this ep. I didn't know that the 'Orion' was gonna be an Ancient ship - from the spoilers I read, I thought it was another Earth built ship. Should be good though, esp. if McKay, Zelenka et al can get it fully operational (with some help from Hermiod perhaps?).

                        Gotta wonder though, with Michael on the way with a Wraith hive ship, they'd want to make sure they hide it somehow...I'm sure that even though the Wraith (some of them) know about Atlantis, they wouldn't want the Wraith knowing they had an Ancient ship...

                        Can't wait for Allies next week...then it's what, a 6 month wait until new eps debut in July on SciFi? daaamn....I'm gonna try not to read spoilers methinks!


                          Originally posted by Ouroboros
                          Renaming a ship is Baaad mojo. That thing's a flying coffin now.
                          Ha! I had exactly the same thought! C'mon, Shep, you should know better.

                          An Aurora-class ship is a lucky find, but I'm curious to know what its got under the hood. It's already been damaged in a Wraith fire-fight, and the Aurora certainly wasn't a match for the ships that took her out.

                          How long will it take the Orion to get to Atlantis, since it has a slower drive than Prometheus?(I suppose Hermiod could work on the engines....)

                          I'm glad they got a ship and a fighting chance against the Wraith, but I'm even happier that it's way too little advantage for them to win on fire-power alone. They'll have to use tons of good old ingenuity and the hand of that blonde chick, Lady Luck, to survive what's sure to come.

                          Bring it on!

                          A Cherokee elder sitting with his grandchildren told them,
                          "In every life there is a terrible fight – a fight between two wolves.
                          One is evil: he is fear, anger, envy, greed, arrogance, self-pity,
                          resentment, and deceit. The other is good: joy, serenity, humility,
                          confidence, generosity, truth, gentleness, and compassion."
                          A child asked, "Grandfather, which wolf will win?"
                          The elder looked the child in the eye. "The one you feed."


                            Originally posted by Tok'Ra Hostess
                            Ha! I had exactly the same thought! C'mon, Shep, you should know better.
                            Hehe, I had the same thought as well! But then again, Shep is Air-Force, so he probably thinks that's all superstitious nonsense that the sailor pansies believe in


                              i really enjoyed this ep, i found it quite amuzing, becuase mckay played quite a big part as he was quite funny, and same goes for sheppard, but i really liked the orion it was wicked


                                I only know the basic plot for Allies, so I don't know how it ends luckily...

                                but hopefully they don't get into a firefight with the Wraith, cos there's really not alot they can do from this point with only one ship and some drones. If the Ancients couldn't defeat them in 100 years, we don't have a hope in hell