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    The Long Goodbye (216)

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    The team discovers two pods that contain the minds of alien beings, who take control of Weir and Sheppard's bodies to continue their personal war.

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    Ok, this was definately a great improvement over last week's episode.

    It had a great story and excellent acting done by TH and JF.

    Also, after seeing this episode I am pretty damn sure it was Phebus and Thalen's races (or one of them) that made the nano-virus. Think about it, they both hated each other to the point where I am pretty sure terrorizing them to death would be ok.

    Also, it gave some aftermath to the caldwell being infected storyline from "Critical Mass", which was well done.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode and I give it **** out of *****
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      This episode sounds awesome! Quick, someone post the synopsis before my brain explodes... Need... Spoilers... Now!!!


        The episode was above average for this season of SGA, but the story seemed very contrived and the Expedition team really acted pretty stupidly to advance the plot. Unfortunately that seems to be something that has been happening often.


          Originally posted by Sum1
          The episode was above average for this season of SGA, but the story seemed very contrived and the Expedition team really acted pretty stupidly to advance the plot. Unfortunately that seems to be something that has been happening often.
          I haven't seen the episode yet, but from the spoilers I've read about it, I've been thinking that the team must be acting pretty foolishly. I mean, we know that they're not new to the Stargate so they should know about alien entities that take control of bodies. They should know that there is nothing friendly about it and it's not okay. From what I've read, they let Sheppard's body be taken over, which honestly, if this were the SGC, just wouldn't happen. They know better.

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            It was cool to see col. Caldwell take control of a crisis situation on atlantis this time around.

            I also liked to see the "darker" sides of Weir and Sheppard. Also got to see more of what I call "tribal" connection between Ronnon and Teyla.

            Again, I loved to see Torri act all evil and and dangerous, it was pretty cool and refreshing

            In regards to the plot, I agree that it makes for some fun TV, but the Expedetion team takes such largely unecessary risks with things they know nothing about. Col. Caldwell was the only one keeping vigilant and had he not been there the situation could have been worse.

            was funny how after the two kissed, they made you think they wanted a "one last romp" to quote McKay when speaking to his illusion of Carter
            "This city will survive for another ten thousand years..."


              There are some Spoilers dans ici message... Beware.....

              This is one of the better ones so far this season. I loved hoe they changed the camera work on this episode, something totally different. Loved it. Anyways on to the plot... It seemed to move very slowly compared to other story lines. I did however like the fact that they were able to bring some closure to the Caldwell/Go'uld story line and the whole trust issue. Man, no one really likes to hear from the MaKay that fixing things are not a quick fix. I was so happy that John and Elizabeth finially kissed, even if they were controlled by an alien consciousness. And that they were pited asgainst each other in an interesting battle of knowledge of Atlantis. Damn Aliens and their stupid wars. Anyways it was nice to see that others are starting to get to feel the what it is like to have a second mind in their head. Sad thing is that it is the second of those story ideas this season.

              Anyways I give it a 3 3/4 stars out of 5.


                If you're here you are exposing yourself to huge spoilers.

                Well first, the episode itself, WAY BETTER than the others, top list of season 2! ( which is not too hard, let's face it). The plot was a bit slow and didn't make that much sense. I just don't understand how they can trust these aliens so easily. but they had to do it or we wouldn't have had this episode right?

                So first Liz is taken over by Phoebus, and collapses immediatly. Wasn't it cute to see John and Caldwell running to her? In the infirmary (it's so strange to see liz there) Phoebus pretends she releases control to Liz who explains the situation and asks Shep to take her 'husband' consciousness. And that's where I think it's really strange, and a lot stupid. Seriously, we've been watching stargate for 9 years, we know what happens when entities take control! They should know too, especially because Liz acts all strange and excited and girly and... not liz-ish at all. But she's so cute!

                Ok so Shepp accepts and Thalan takes over him and there is the kiss. Which is great but then again, just a kiss between two aliens... and well, when you have been watching the add over and over it doesn't make you feel anything in the end. Caldwell, Beckett and Mckay's looks at this moments were just priceless. Then They both ask for some more privacy... Probably for more than a kiss, that was hillarious, Mckay just wanted to run away whereas Caldwell didn't agree AT ALL! The real good moment is when they runaway each in a direction and start shooting at each other.

                After that, it's all a hide and seek game... reenforce by a wonderfull direction (they took the camera movements from Siege part1). Ronon gets shot by Lizzie and has to get surgery. That was cool to see Beckett play ER, with blood all over his hands and all...

                In the meantime, Caldwell takes command of the city and Mckay doesn't like that too much but he is more pre occupied by Liz and John trying to kill each other.

                Phoebus uses Liz' codes to take control over the city and threatens to kill everyone if Teyla, who has managed to capture Thalan, doesn't kill him. No, yes, the spoilers were wrong, Pheobus doesn't care about Liz feelings for John, she just asks Teyla because she can't reach him to do it by herself. And when Teyla is ABOUT to kill him, Harlan says "He likes you more than you know" BUT not to Liz... to TEYLA! ( to all sparky shippers don't kill yourself yet, I'm not done!)
                But of course, in the end, she doesn't kill him, they get Phoebus, and they all end up in the infirmary.

                Last scene between John and Liz, not really shippy but still... And when caldwell comes to remind them what they did, especially about THE KISS, they give each other an embarrassed smile before they both sink into their bed.
                This scene looked like a joke. Liz was pretty excited about all that happened, she didn't ask about the people she almost killed... It was weird. I mean, Liz cares for her people more than anything and she just... lays there, and smiles and everything. She should be in shock and hurt and it was the good occasion to make a good angst scene, to develop the character. But it's still better than no ending scene.

                First obvious point, Torri was amazing in this ep, it's so obvious she had a good time. And it's even more obvious she's one hell of an actress and frankly, she totally rocked and they need to make her do that more often before somebody realizes she's wasting her talent on the show. Okay I'm tough here but seriously, she was AWESOME. And who doesn't love her with a gun?!

                Other good point, Rachel was great! We can see that the dilemma Teyla faces is terrible for her. And we also see that as much as she likes Shepp,(obvious when she pleads Phoebus not to make her do this) she would have killed him for the sake of the others.

                Bad point, we announced us that Weir would kick Shepp's ass... well I'm still waiting, honnestly I would kill for a nice hand to hand fight between them.

                Okay guys we have some pics on our LJ. Torri oriented.
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                  OK so here's my quick summary:
                  Sheppard's team in a jumper find two escape pods that double as stasis pods in low orbit of a planet and Caldwell returns to active duty visiting the city while the engines are being worked on somewhere in the solar system. They take one back and open it up to find an old woman, too old to be brought back to life. Weir comes close to the old woman to have a closer look and her pod shoots this consciousness transferring beam, she collapses and they take her to the infirmary.

                  She wakes up and this woman who is named "Feebus"(sp?) says they were attacked by the wraith and they escaped in their pods. The other guy is supposed to be her husband and she wants to see him one last time. She does the "tok'ra head bob" and gets weir to confirm. This transfer of consciousness is called an "imprint" and will last about a day or so, something like a living flight data recorder built into the escape pod.

                  So another team brings back her husband (never heard his name the whole time just husband) because there was only room for one pod per jumper. They open him up and talk Sheppard into being the host for this guy. Feebus and the husband say hi and she kisses him. (He doesn't kiss back)

                  Well DUM DUM DUM it was all a trick they are two survivors of a long dead war bent on killing each other so they can say they've won. They run all over the city playing cat and mouse, or cat and cat, making the marines look really bad. BadShep befriends Ronon and they hunt BadWier, who ends up shooting Ronon a single time in the stomach.(He has surgery and lives) BadShep calls for a med team for Ronon but leaves him. Caldwell and Rodney get into a tizzy over who is in control and McKay differs, but not easily.

                  BadShep cuts power to the city and when Rodney gets it back on BadWier locks down the whole city threatening to flood the personnel quarters with fire suppression gas(yes lethal) if shep isn't killed in front of her eyes. Rodney starts work on hacking the lockdown.

                  Teyla finds BadShep and stuns him with an ancient stun gun, drags him in front of a security camera and has to choose between the people in the quarters or Shep. Just in the nick of time Rodney overrides the lockdown by locking everyone out, including BadWier. BadWier finds Teyla and BadShep who I guess is back to normal because he convulses and that’s supposed to be a sign that the imprinting has worn off, but Teyla can't tell for sure. She blocks Shep from StillBadWier and while he pretends to be unconscious she hands him her stunner, and he stuns BadWier. Shep asks Teyla why she handed him the gun and she says he would have fired at BadWier anyways.

                  End scene is Shep/Wier in infirmary who are back to normal (BadWier convulsed during the night loudly and was nomore) they talk about not being able to control themselves and Caldwell comes in and says he can relate.

                  They ep was better than the average (which isn't saying a whole lot) but I still think SGA could get better in the long run so here's hoping!
                  Go easy on me guys this is my first summary and I wanted to contribute.
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                    Don't read this post if you don't want to be biased on the episode before you see it or if you were really in love with the ep.

                    Great TV, Bad Atlantis.

                    I expected more overall story and drama out of this one. I thought from the title something permanent might actually happen, especially to Sheppard or Weir. I read one of TPTB saying something about "enemies of the ancients" possessing Sheppard and Weir. Figured maybe we'd get some backstory, find out the ancients weren't so lovely and nice and perfect after all. Maybe they really screwed over some poor race and they were after sweet revenge?

                    But no, just another stand-alone with some weak follow-up to stuff that wasn't really direly in need of furthur thought. Okay, sure, Caldwell had to come back sometime. Great. They could have done some really cool stuff involving the alien pair revealing more inner thoughts from John and Elizabeth. You know, cause some real chaos and doubt amongst the residents of Atlantis. There could have been so much tension between McKay and Caldwell, and maybe a resolution that wasn't conveniently happy-flowery, "let's go ride unicorns into the sunset" style. Maybe some sort of long-lasting damage or effect in the world of Atlantis if not the backstory that was snatched away from us again? Some actual drama, like in Season 1? If not that, maybe a little more between our immaterial "guest stars" than "Omg! I hate you! I keel you!" A more in-depth explanation about them and their motives? Why are these glorious plot ideas always being reduced to the most basic simplicity within their scope of potential?

                    C'mon. When you absolutely know for certain the viewers realize the leading man is NOT going to be killed in the second season, don't use his "uncertain fate" as your only method of injecting some tension into the episode. Why would Caldwell not order the immediate death of Sheppard? What kind of military leader would sacrifice three quarters of the population to save one guy?

                    Oh well. Some Martin Gero episodes comin' up soon. ^_^

                    ...and I REALLY hate saying stuff like that/giving reviews like that to my favorite show. >.<
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                      I thought it was a really good episode... I'm going against the grain here but I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Stargate Atlantis, I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Some people are being really harsh on the show. Granted, there have been some small missteps, but compared to other shows I've seen on TV, Stargate Atlantis is doing a great job entertaining me!

                      I enjoyed seeing Weir do some ass kicking in this episode, as well as Caldwell taking charge of Atlantis, much to the chargrin of McKay.

                      3 and 1/2 out of 5 for me.
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                        was a good ep, not great though

                        the expedition team, except caldwell, was a stupid with just letting them take over weir and sheps bodies

                        glad they didn't forget that caldwell was goa'ulded a few eps ago

                        what a coïncidence the daedalus wasn't there so they could just beam weir over

                        was, only due to the decreased quality of season 2, one of the better eps
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                          Originally posted by Positively Kanyon
                          I thought it was a really good episode... I'm going against the grain here but I've really enjoyed the last few episodes of Stargate Atlantis, I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Some people are being really harsh on the show. Granted, there have been some small missteps, but compared to other shows I've seen on TV, Stargate Atlantis is doing a great job entertaining me!
                          I agree with you there, i only think that the tower had alot of wasted potential.

                          which episode is after this one?


                            Originally posted by SmallTimePerson

                            which episode is after this one?
                            Coupe d'état

                            I still have to wait til I can go home from work til I get to see this episode...can't wait!


                              Very enjoyable episode. Was great to see both Weir (well, the woman who took over Weir ) and Teyla kicking some arse. Interestingly enough, I thought Ronan, Shep and McKay all acted like idiots at one stage... Shep when he agreed to let the male entity into his head; Ronan for being easily deceived into thinking that Shep was actually Shep (and he got seriously wounded for it too); McKay for his attitude towards Caldwell when Caldwell started issuing orders.

                              Carson, Teyla and Caldwell all kept their cool though and showed their worth. It was nice to see Caldwell jump into the command mode and direct the search parties for Weir and Sheppard. Beckett was fully on top of the medical matters (and maybe it was just me, but I found it amusing he had to clarify what he meant by "Get me a torch" ). Teyla was the only one who was able to take Sheppard into custody (and unlike Ronan, she wasn't easily fooled...). And the scene where Weir was threatning to release Halon gas into the city unless Teyla killed Sheppard was great. And then Teyla's nice little 'double-cross' on both Sheppard and Weir to take the situation under control was some nice stuff

                              Great to see Torri kick some arse.
                              Great to see Teyla, Beckett and Caldwell keep their cool in dealing with the situation.

                              Not so great to see Shep agree to the implanting.
                              Not so great to see Ronan easily fooled (though that would imply that he has a great deal of trust in Shep)
                              Not so great to see McKay trading words with Caldwell.