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    Hide And Seek (103)

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    The Atlantis base is threatened when the team discovers that an alien entity is in the city. McKay's experiment with Ancient technology goes awry.

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    Wow... this episode was much better then I though it would be... with some genuinely funny moments... I liked McKay's heroism at the end.


      Loved it! Loved the humor, and the camraderie between the characters all ready there. Some very good lines and good delivery. I'm staying up to watch it re-air, and I never do that, so that tells you how much I liked it!


        McKay totally rocked. But then, he always does.

        Interesting ep, but I think it was bad timing to have Lockdown and Hide & Seek air on the same night. Very similar themes and even some of the camera/FX tricks were the same. I didn't quite forget which show I was watching, but there were strong overtones of the former in the latter.

        I wonder if the shadow-creature is the anti-ascended thing some of us have been suggesting. Too bad it's a one-use creature.

        The view inside it was rather interesting....

        Oooo, and one of the better non-McKay lines has to be "We're gonna need a bigger boat." THAT is the way to do an homage sorta thing. Love Jaws...


          Dr. Weir obviously can understand spoken ancient (Hollings prayer)
          Dr. McKay and others may be able to read ancient (the personal shield manual)


            "And can we get rid of the 10,000 year old dead plants?!"


            Oooh, i love the openning tune.


              Yes the opening tune was very catchy and interesting!!


                Since they could figure it all out so fast. I'm wondering why they dont just figure out where the ancients got it in the first place. Then they could just gate it back there.

                I really liked the ep though! Good show!
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                  Loved it. Great story, fleshed out the characters a little more. GREAT humor. I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

                  The only thing that bothers me is having the people there...well, that bothered me till I found out that this is just a transitional phase. So i'm fine with it. Awesome series.
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                    You could hear elements of the original theme mixed in (which I liked), but it's still its own beast and the arrangement is quite nice, IMO.


                      Also, we learned:

                      A) The ancients created the rings. (The teleporting noise was the same in the elevator things)

                      B) They probably wanted a low budget method for travelling across the city, since they'd be doing it often.


                        We got to see a small glimpse of the new dialing program when McKay dialed... It looked cool.


                          That *was* strange to have both Stargate episodes with somewhat similar themes on the same night. Anyway.....

                          Loved, loved, loved McKay. He gets all the best lines. Also loved Sheppard. And Sheppard and McKay banter. And McKay being the hero at the end.

                          "I'm going to need a bigger boat"
                          "Size doesn't matter"
                          "That's a myth"

                          The whole plot was pretty much your standard alien cloud creature loose in the station, but they provided a nice tie-in to the Ancients with the whole ascension theme. And we got a nice look at more of the set, which continues to be pretty impressive. They could spend several episodes just exploring the city.

                          I liked Weir this week, she was competent, seemed to be coming into form as the head of the team. Teyla continues to be my least favorite. But hey, she's got the mystical Wraith-sensing power, guess we have to keep her.

                          So not bad for the first regular episode. Thank goodness for McKay.
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                            Originally posted by Selmak
                            We got to see a small glimpse of the new dialing program when McKay dialed... It looked cool.
                            Yes. And we got the Atlantis PoO!

                            Give me 12 minutes to download it off my TiVo, and I'll get a screenshot.


                              Originally posted by Mio
                              Yes. And we got the Atlantis PoO!

                              Give me 20 minutes to grab it off my TiVo, and I'll get a screenshot.
                              thanks!! I would love to see it again!