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    How It's Gotta Be (808)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE WALKING DEAD - SEASON EIGHT
    Negan and the Saviors attempt to reassert their dominance over Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop after escaping from their prison, leaving Carl in charge of saving the people of his town. Meanwhile Aaron and Enid make contact with Oceanside, and Dwight crosses the point of no return.

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    Thought that might happen...Chandler Riggs is getting to be about college age. Kind of a game-changer for the show though, for a long time I’ve thought that Rick and Carl were the only two characters who would be permanently safe.
    "A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people. That's it, the end." -- Penelope Wilton in Ricky Gervais's After Life


      I've been enjoying this season so far for the most part. Because of Rick and Carl's conversation towards the beginning of the episode, I thought one of them might be the one to die, I was leaning strongly towards it being Carl since he was the one that said the title of the episode and since they really haven't been doing much with him lately and it really didn't feel like it was Rick's time to go.


        It's been fairly common knowledge (I presumed) since his dad tweeted in April thanking AMC for their support and he looks forward to Chandler starting a new chapter in his life that Chandler was leaving, when he then turned up this season and it was essentially confirmed he had agreed to stay until the end of all out war (s8) I think everybody and their dog assumed that they would use the time jump at the end of AOW to recast his character, not kill him off considering he is such an integral part of the comic book stories post AOW.

        In the comics Carl is, at this point in the story, much younger than his on screen counterpart, to me the only thing that make sense is that instead of recasting, they are going to transfer a lot of his post AOW stories to Judith, especially since she was killed off so early in the comics.

        I just wonder how long it's going to be before AMC execs finally connect the dots between falling ratings and Gimple and fire him, although I don't hate the story, he has singlehandedly screwed up the last 2 seasons himself.


          I haven't been on Twitter in ages and haven't looked at any spoilers for this show since the start of last season, so I had no idea what Chandler Riggs' dad said on social media. I also don't read the comics so I didn't know that there was a time jump in them where they could have recast the character. I haven't liked how some things have been handled during the past two seasons (most of my issues concern pacing) but I think I had more issues with season 6? overall.


            Well there's a lot of conflicting info since his dad posted last night that they firstly said they wanted Chandler for another 3 years, so the family bought a house near the set and he enrolled at a College 90 minutes drive away for them to then sack him 2 weeks before his 18th birthday, I don't do Twitter either but by all accounts this wasn't Chandler's decision in the slightest.

            Popular opinion is Gimple has either lost his mind, or AMC execs have meddled again. Either way I think this will be taught in future college classes under the title, how not to kill your cash cow.

            TBH Chandler and his family seem remarkably calm about all this, as if all is not as it seems.


              To me it reads like miscommunication. Like they expected him to quit to go to school so they wrote his death, then found out after all the balls were already in motion that he’d planned on staying local.

              I’m just bloody floored that he’s 18 and just bought himself a house. I’m 32 and can’t afford to buy a damn house.
              "A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people. That's it, the end." -- Penelope Wilton in Ricky Gervais's After Life


                His net worth is $2Mil I think, drop in the ocean compared to some but yeah I know what you mean.

                I don't think there was any miscommunication though, he'd agreed to stay on while at college and Gimple looked like a rabbit in headlights on Talking Dead at the audience reaction, unless they're pulling another dumpstergate of course.

                Gimple said the decision was based on the comic storyline... comic spoilers
                because in the comic there's no reason given for Rick flip flopping from wanting to kill Negan to then jailing him other than to 'show you our way works'

                He said that Carl's death was the only way he could see Rick going from kill Negan to jail Negan, I guess it never occurred to him that maybe Maggie could be one of the few to talk Rick down.

                To me this is the equivalent of Marvel killing off Banner in the opening minutes of Infinity War then announcing he'll be in the next Spider-Man film.


                  I really hope it doesn't end up being a fake out like with Glenn surviving a horde of Walkers by hiding under a dumpster. That was probably the worst thing the show has done so far. It's not that I want Carl to die, but since the show showed him with that bite and since no one has survived a walker bite in the series, to have Carl suddenly be immune or whatever, would be such a cop out, they should have never had him to be bitten to begin with, just like they shouldn't have put Glenn in such an impossible to survive situation only to have him survive. I mean they didn't actually explicitly show him get bitten by a walker, so they could theoretically say that his new friend accidentally bit him in the torso somehow and he just assumed it was a walker bite, but it actually wasn't, and he just got a mild bacterial infection from it and that's why he was looking a bit ill. I mean, that would be soo stupid, but so was the thing with Glenn, so it's not outside the realm of possibility for the show.


                    Comic spoilers

                    the next big bad after Negan in the comics is The Whispers, a tribal like group who "walk" with the herd and whisper to each other rather than talk, so the walkers don't realise they're human, to blend in they strip the flesh off walkers and wear them as a 'skin'.

                    Carl is heavily involved in this storyline as he helps turn one of the whispers and causes her to defect, since she is the leader's (Alpha) daughter it sparks off war and they kill a large number of the existing group as punishment putting their heads on spikes on their border. Carl also pops his cherry with her and she licks his eye socket lol.

                    Some people are theorising Carl was bitten by a whisper, and they've already dropped some Easter eggs in about them when the King came across a walker than had been stripped of his skin earlier in the season.

                    If this is the case and this sacking is an alternative dumpstergate to drum up interest in the series, then it'll probably have the opposite effect, it would also mean everybody is in on it and some people involved have been quiet scathing of Gimple and AMC (Carl's dad mostly but Andrew Lincoln also slagged them off in a roundabout way) which to me suggests either it's going to be the biggest attention seeking fail, or the worst decision in tv history, none of the die hard fans will be happy either way and casual fans will just find something else to watch because they can't be bothered with secret squirrel stuff.

                    Of course there's also Gabriel's present storyline to consider too, as if they are laying the grounds for some cop out, like say the entire back half of season 8 takes place over 2 days again, they go out and wage war against Negan and leave Carl in the tunnel to presumably die tied up or something with a guard, but when war is over they return to the tunnel to 'put him down' in the season finale only to find he's fine and recovered and must have been bitten by something unique, if I was Gimple and I'd seen the reaction of the fans to Carl's impending death, I'd be recalling the cast for reshoots, you've got two months to fix it if you have killed Carl.

                    I guess if 8x09's air date gets suddenly pushed back, we know what's happened.
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                      Sorry to DP but on Fear
                      they did have a character that 'survived' a walker bite but it was very ambiguous, I think they explained it eventually that the 'Walker' had only just turned or hadn't died and turned when he bit the guy in panic which led to some urban legend that the guy had survived a walker bite.
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                        Are you talking about the pharmacist guy in the Colonia or whatever?
                        That guy lied about being bitten by a walker. He was bitten by someone he was trying to help out that was high on drugs or something. He confessed that to Nick after he was actually bitten by a walker and was dying from it in a later episode.


                          Ah yes of course, I knew there was a rational reason for it, just forgot they were high.


                            Just got caught up...

                            I was sitting there as Rick found everyone in the sewer, thinking - well, that was sure a cop out! They lost like 1 no-namer and that's it! Ezekiel's captured, but Morgan's on the other side of the fence, and I'm sure Carol's not far either...

                            And then we see Carl's bite... Yeouch.

                            I too had no idea about all the behind the scenes shenanigans, but if they backflip, that's reallllly not good.

                            From the comic spoilers above, the possible future storylines sound pretty interesting, and indeed maybe Carl's shoes will be filled in other ways.

                            This episode for me seemed to go forever (in a good way), yet they just somehow jammed everything in to 1 hour!
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                              My household is split, my husband is off his rocker ticked off about Carl, he feels that he was the future of the show and has vowed to stop watching, and TWD was his favorite show in a long time.

                              My son and I are really bummed out but still plan to watch. I'll have to get some tissues for me for this Sunday.

                              As a comic reader, I am interested in how they are going to play things out from here without Carl.

                              Personally, I had to stop reading comments online. This fandom has gotten really nasty.