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We Are Grounders, Part 2 (113)

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    We Are Grounders, Part 2 (113)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE 100 - SEASON ONE
    An enemy attack forces the survivors of the 100 to dig in at the camp, with one desperate plan to turn the tide before they are all slaughtered. Finn risks his life to give Raven and the others a fighting chance, and plans to land the Ark are complicated.


    Their is not a lot to say about this episode. Not because it is a bad episode. In fact its quite the opposite. This episode is mostly (nothing is wrong with that), but that makes it hard to say anything for this episode. I question why we even had the 100 break camp in the first place if they are just going to retreat to the drop ship if the first place. It seemed like a waste of storytime. After that its just a bunch of ideas of how to fight the Grounders. I could talk about the Grounders getting us to waste bullets or Finn racing to find Lincoln but their is nothing really groundbreaking. Its just good strategy. The exception to this is I loved Finn's reaction when he and Lincoln tricked Reapers into attacking the Grounders. The battle itself is to give that OMG moment. For example we have Lincoln taking Octavia away. We have Bellamy and Finn about to be overwhelmed from Grounders. Its obvious this is for the suspense of S2. Normally I would say the characters are going to survive but even since they killed Wells I have come to the belief that even main characters have limited plot armor. The whole rocket fuel while entertaining was predictable. When Raven found it last episode I knew it was going to be used to kill the Grounders. I loved Kane's line about salvation does not come without suicide. It really feels like a last ditch effort with the Ark. I think we are supposed to believe that only one of the original stations made it to Earth. That is not a high success rate. I will end saying that I remember seeing Clark and Monty locked in Mt. Weather made me angry. It was such a good ending that I wanted to see more. I'll miss S1. I think S2 is a better but the theme of S1 of survival seems lost with the Ark coming down
    Originally posted by aretood2
    Jelgate is right


      I loved this episode for the most part. Like Jelgate, I didn't really see the point of having the kids actually run away and head for the ocean, if they were only going to have to go back again (all within the first 5 mins of the ep). I guess it was meant to heighten the tension, but it didn't really work for me.

      Loved Raven ad Clarke working together. I liked that Finn was willing to go to Lincoln's cave to get the coagulant for Raven. I liked that Murphy didn't tell the Grounders about the minefield. Loved that Finn and Lincoln lured the Reapers to where the grounders were. Loved the goodbye between Bellamy and Octavia. Loved all the action at the kids camp and the introduction of the Mountain Men. The ending with Monty and Clarke in those medical cells or whatever also really had me looking forward to the next season.

      And again, I loved all the parts the took place on the Ark (even though there wasn't much), probably more the parts that took place on the ground. Loved how Kane was willing to stay behind, and how Jaha, did stay behind. The Ark pieces being launched and later breaking apart looked great.