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The interdimensional invasion (Spoilers S3)

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    The interdimensional invasion (Spoilers S3)

    I've just seen the episode The Dwarf Star Conspiracy and the Big Bad has finally revealed their presence directly.

    When Rook is reporting to his "boss", he says he is only 24 years old, but is dying of old age.
    And if a solution isn't found, Rook "might be next".
    I had assumed that meant that his boss would be transplanting his brain into Rook's body, but given the recent events, I have a new theory.
    That his boss is one of the invading aliens in a human body and the effects of prolonged inhabitation are causing the body to wear out.

    This is confirmed in the episode, that only a body with the self-repairing nanites can be a successful host, because they constantly repair the damage done by the aliens.

    When Suki starts timeshifting, she eventually meets Future Five, who mentions that "so much has happened" and one of the events listed is something called the "black ships" and that the Rasa has been taken far out of known space to hide, probably to avoid them.
    In this episode, it is mentioned that having an army of superior soldiers means nothing if they don't have ships as well.
    I am wondering if the black ships are the vessels owned by the invasion force and they were constructing their armada somewhere else in preparation for conquest.
    The name was probably given to them for identification purposes, since the invaders haven't named themselves and in their natural forms, they are black.

    That sure does make sense. As far as I remember of course, which isn't saying much.

    Another thing about ships: That fleet that Ferrous had supposedly built in secret and that was gone when Raza went investigating earlier on, are those accounted for? I'm not quite sure if it was confirmed Ferrous lent them to Ryo and/or used them for the nervous gas attacks on independent worlds.
    If neither, they could be a suitable candidate for the aliens.


      I think they are accounted for, it's just we don't get to see how they are used since the Raza isn't directly involved in the MegaCorp war.

      Ferrous Corp always intended to go to war with the other MegaCorps, so they had their fleet built in advance as to have an advantage in ship numbers when they started fighting amongst themselves.

      As for the League of Autonemous Worlds (which Pyr is a member of), Ferrous Corp is treating them as another rival, so they wouldn't help them at all.
      Ironically, with the internal conflict between Pyr and Xyron, all Ryo is doing is making the League weaker by costing both sides military assets.

      It was stated that the invaders' initial plan was to place their agents into the militaries of each MegaCorp and the GA, then have them work up the ranks into positions of authority, presumably ship commanders or fleet admirals.
      That way, their agents could then take command of the ships and order them to do whatever under the guise of "official orders", ones that didn't actually exist.

      I assume in the universe of Dark Matter, a crew is required to run a ship properly, that the many systems cannot be operated by either a single individual or a small crew.
      But it was mentioned that a single android if neurally linked to a ship can substitute for an entire crew, because the AU Raza crew did this when they stole a Pyr cruiser.

      Which raises another possibility, since Two was able to create a neural link by herself, could it be possible the invaders' hosts also have this ability?
      It was mentioned that doing so will eventually cause a organic mind to "loose themselves" in the datastream, but I don't think the invaders would have that problem.


        By independent worlds, I meant the disorganized ones not yet part of the Ligue (those Six intended to help gain full independent status).
        Also, I believe Zairon specifically didn't lose yet to the other members of the Ligue because they have an alliance with Ferrous, and it was hinted at that Ryo used some Ferrous ships when he was at a severe shortage earlier.

        And the Alternate Raza crew stole a Zairon cruiser. But yes, I suppose the aliens in their artificial host bodies would easily be able to control most ships so to say internally.


          Nowhere to Go gave us most of the answers.
          As well as a collective we-are-so-doomed reaction by everyone watching!

          The invaders didn't have a shipyard because their vessels were in their realm and waiting to come through.
          One of their sleeper agents infected Two and she modified the Blink Drive to act as a bomb to destroy Ferrous' hidden shipyard.
          Which it did, but she didn't mention that it would also open a dimensional rift large enough for the Black Ships to utilize.

          I was thinking given Two is specifically designed for the purpose of invader infection, they'd be a lot more careful about checking her medical stats each time she gets captured.
          According to Suki, when controlled by an invader, brain activity is diminished, as if the subject is sleeping or unconscious.
          A simple EEG scan would have revealed Two wasn't in control. And the Raza has that equipment in it's medical bay, they used it the first time they discovered an invader.

          I'm starting to see some parallels to Stargate now.

          The invaders are a combination of the Goa'uld and the Ori.

          And their dimension rift is a lot like the Ori supergate.
          I wonder if Six really died in the explosion or if the Marauder was simply displaced into the invader's realm by the dimensional anomaly.
          Given that this is a show where at least 1 main character ended up dead, it's quite probable that Six didn't survive.


            Yeah, open a portal for a fleet by destroying another fleet isn't too far off stargate occurences by opening a supergate by collapsing a planet in a black hole. Also it reminded me of the episode "The Pegasus Project" where Odyssey beamed a nuke on a Wraith hive ship and the explosion managed to transfer the wormhole from a regular gate to a supergate in Milky Way - the kawoosh of which then obliterated one Ori mothership.