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Victor - from resistance to revenge (Spoilers S3)

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    Victor - from resistance to revenge (Spoilers S3)

    I've just seen Built, Not Born.
    Now I'm starting to question Victor's motivations in being a member of the Android Underground.

    When Suki (the Android) arrives to assist Victor and finds 1 dead android+1 dead organic humanoid, he tells her that Anya's former owner tried to take her back and this was the result.
    At the end of the episode, we see the part of the scene he didn't mention, that the owner truly believed he was rescuing Anya from nefarious individuals and Victor killed him without mercy.
    The fact that this person showed so much affection for an android suggests he wasn't looking for her only to reclaim his servant/property.
    And Victor most likely killed him because he believes organics should not control androids.

    The episode ends with Victor giving a short speech to Sarah (who has been installed in an android body) about how androids are superior to organic life.
    That's not good, those kind of speeches are usually a prelude to an aggressive uprising.

    Earlier in the episode, Three mentions he doesn't trust Victor and everyone assumes it's because he doesn't like androids. This is actually disproven later in the episode, where he gets quite irate when Anya dies.
    Now I'm thinking he was actually sensing something wasn't quite right with Victor and that's why he disliked him.