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How long were the crew of the Raza in Cryostasis? (possible spoilers)

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    How long were the crew of the Raza in Cryostasis? (possible spoilers)

    I've always wondered why they were cryostasis to begin with.
    Was the journey to the mining colony so far they had to put themselves in suspended animation just to make the trip?
    And considering they managed to make the return journey without using the cryostasis pods suggests they didn't go very far.

    It would be an interesting plot twist if they were in cryostasis for much longer then they knew, at least a couple of decades or more.
    For example, Kolchak (their former handler) was a young man when they went to "sleep" and was much older when they came out.
    Not having their memories, they wouldn't know if there was a time skip when they see him again.

    It could also be another twist that Alicia Reynaud is actually Five's sister, who also aged during "the long sleep".
    There is a connection there that hasn't been specified yet, she says "I like her, she's like a younger me".
    And I'm still not sure why she calls Five "Pumpkin" in a way that implies affection.
    My other theory is that Reynaud is Five's mother.