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I don't get this whole neural link/imprint thing

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    I don't get this whole neural link/imprint thing

    It's my most disliked part of the storyline. It wasn't explained very well and also some of the scenarios that occur because of the neural link are a bit far fetched. I mean the neural link to the android is more plausible, but the ones to the crew not so much.

    Well, they did say why they got it - to control the ship if the Android was ever lost. This is the future, technology marched on and mercenaries like the Raza crew would take any advantage they can get.

    Of course they'd get some augmentations along the way. There's a transhumanist movement even now, imagine how it would be like when the technology that's only fiction now actually exists. If anything, other than Two they're a little too vanilla.

    Their neural imprints were backed up for another mission and were left in the ship database - the virus found them and used them to stall for time/create confusion while infiltrating systems and try to kill the crew:
    - Three by suicide
    - Four by exposure to ship coolant/damaging more of the ship
    - Six by rampaging Two

    I suppose the virus could have done other things to take them out like straight up giving them an aneurysm or crippling pain through the neural link implant. But maybe that wasn't possible thanks to safety features. Or the virus hadn't spread enough through the ship and had to create confusion. It only managed to get enough access to gas them at the end.

    And also give them a reason to disable the Android - maybe it wouldn't have been possible at all to take over the ship if the Android had been active the whole time.

    Although the way things played out made for maximum drama everything is technically accounted for.
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