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Is the momentum gone?

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    Is the momentum gone?

    So, is it me, am I the only one who has the feeling that the momentum has come and gone?

    The last year there was a lot of movement around Stargate, at least that's how it felt.
    We had some new merchandise, we had the new game Timekeepers, we had a lot of events, e.g. organised by The Companion.
    We had the twitter-campaigns.

    But I have the impression that the momentum has completely come and gone.
    Social media has gone silent, The Companion isn't focussing on Stargate anymore it seems.

    After several years, still no communication about any potential new Stargate.

    Please don't mention or get me started about "that other youtube channel with the rumours, gossip and 'insider sources'", he has been going on for multiple years about a new Stargate but nothing ever materialized. The way he has been called out as a liar about new Babylon 5 on social media this week by the counterpart of Brad Wright on the B5-side, J. Michael Straczynski, and him still stating he never said those rumours, while you can clearly hear him say it in one of his youtube movies...
    Anyways, that's as far as I'm concerned a totally unreliable source which I even refuse to take into account.

    This aside: so, Stargate, indeed as some stated here already - dead forever?
    Kinda feels like it at the moment

    Timekeepers is less than popular, I might add. I don't see it grow a following from many Gaters (as it were). Gamers might be another thing, but from what I've seen on Steam, even that is debatable.

    Anywho... it seems one can drum up some noise around anniverseries of things that started airing. Stargate Atlantis started airing 20 years ago (I believe) so maybe that can once again bring about a bit of noise among the fandom.

    But yeah... the momentum has been long gone... it's been gone before everything you've mentioned. If management was anything like what happened in the Star Trek spheres than it might be back in a few years. New creatives finding ways to make a new Stargate show. Everything has a habit of coming back one way or another after all.
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      If Amazon had purchased MGM a year or two earlier I think that we probably would have gotten some kind of new streaming show. However, all the streamers are cutting spending (except Apple at the moment).