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Ask Diamond Select Toys! (Action Figures)

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    Ask Diamond Select Toys! (Action Figures)

    The heroes of Stargate will finally get long-deserved action figures in the months ahead when Diamond Select Toys releases the first wave of toys based on the hit TV franchise (story). So what kind of figures will they be, where will we be able to find them ... and, more importantly, just who will we get to see in plastic?

    GateWorld connected with Diamond Select immediately after the company announced the action figure line to get those initial questions answered. The company not only jumped at the chance to answer what they could at this early stage, but also offered to answer more questions from Stargate fans on an on-going basis! Look below for details on how to submit a question of your own.

    Visit GateWorld to find our initial Q&A with Diamond Select Toys!

    Now, it's time for you to ask questions!
    Just post it here. We'll cull through this thread every so often and send your questions to Diamond Select, then post the answers at GateWorld.

    A few special guidelines for this thread:
    • Give a peek at what has been asked so far. We won't send the same question twice.
    • Read the Q&As that have already been posted at GateWorld. (We'll keep a running list of links here in this thread's first post.) Again, if it's been asked and answered, your question will just be ignored.
    • Be creative! We already know the basics, and we know that there is only so much the company can reveal at this stage of production. So for this Q&A to be successful, you'll have to use your noodle.

    Thanks to Diamond Select Toys for their enthusiasm and their efforts to keep us in-the-know!
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    When in 2006 will the first line be introduced?


      I don't want to speak badly (or sound like a smartass), but the Serenity figures did not look as close to the characters as they could have been. Will the SG1 figures be more faithful?

      The characters went through major changes over the nine years. In the initial assortment of O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Jackson, from what "era" will they be (glasses and long haired Daniel (season one), Teal'c with the goatee (season four), General O'Neill (season eight))? Has this been decided yet?

      Any change of making a Stargate toy to send the figures through?


        I asked about action figures a while back and got laugh at now i have some questions regarding this news

        Will there be mini reson bust ?

        Will there be just a mini resin statues about 10-inches

        Will the figures come with display plataforms were they can stand ?

        How many articulation points will there be ?

        Thats about it personally i feel that figures should have no articulation points and for display only

        that is all

        ancient-archangemon out


          Will you please let us know asap what figures will be realeased first and when Atlantis figures will be released?
          Will Ben Browder be released in the first wave? Thank you!!
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            What kind of accessories will be included with the figures?
            Will there be separate packs of accessories we have to buy?
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              What color uniforms will the team be wearing?
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              "Anyone know what SENTIENT means???"
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                Will the figures' hair (except for Hammond and Teal'c) be real or molded?
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                  Hello I was just wondering if the line up will include the average jaffa, be it serpent guard or horus? If so will these figures include retractable helmets?



                    Would these figures be availiable to buy in the UK as well as America?
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                      Have you thought about making inanimate Stargate objects? (eg. the Stargate, Prometheus, Deadalus, etc).

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                        Will there for the love of all that is holy be a Stargate? Also, will there be any chances of an Atlantis city toy/model?

                        Agent 007.


                          I too am looking forward to the 1st series and most likely the
                          set will be the early years (seasons 1-7)version of O'Neill, Carter, Daniel and Teal'c!
                          Now it would be cool to have a 12inch STARGATE to allow the 7 inch figures
                          enter and could be used as a display stand also, just a suggestion!
                          I would hope that after the 1st series a second one of the ATLANTIS team would be released!!! that would make a great collection. plus with
                          Hammond, Frasier and alot of Alien guest star charcters this would be a
                          very sucessful line for them with so many charcters to chose from I hope they do the main cast 1st from both series, and I wouldnt put it off that a
                          GALACTICA set would be consider too! But that a different franchise but still important to SF! I want a Carter, Weir and Teyla for my collection!


                            Having seen that colonel o'neill, general o'neill, serpent guard and daniel are to be the first set, i'd like to know the time frame for the rest???

                            Personally the only ones i'm really interested in are Sam with Jack to keep her company

                            When will Sam, Teal'c and the rest be coming out and why was the choice made to have a serpent guard and a variant instead of having the whole team come out at once???
                            Where in the World is George Hammond?



                              What is the release timeframe on Atlantis figures, and in what order will those figures be released?