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Re-cast Star Trek: TNG

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    Re-cast Star Trek: TNG

    If you were re-casting a new Star Trek: TNG tv show who would you pick?

    Here are some picks that I think would work:

    Picard - Billy Campbell, he missed out on playing Riker in the original but now he could take the captain chair (unlike Riker )

    Data: Zachary Levi

    Worf: Adam Baldwin. Some might object to the change in skin tone but I just think the actor could capture the character really well.

    Dr. Crusher - Marg Helgenberger

    La Forge - I´m drawing a blank on this one, perhaps just bring back LeVar Burton has an older version of the character

    Troy - Also unsure about her, no actress really leaps into my mind.

    Edit: Riker - Drawing a blank again so I´m just going to say Josh Holloway

    Data - Tom Hiddleston


      Originally posted by Starsaber View Post
      Data - Tom Hiddleston
      Yes, he did look like him in Thor


        Paul McGann as Data. He has the necessary innocence and charm.
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          I could see Hiddleston being a good choice if they did a movie reboot but I don't see him signing on to a tv show atm since his movie career is going well.


            Picard - Tom Hardy

            Riker: David Tennant

            Troy: Jennifer Lawrence

            Data: Tom Hiddleston

            Worf: HHMM Andre Braugher

            Crusher: Madeline Stowe

            O'brien: Eddie Mcklintok maybe?

            La Forge: Yeah have Levar Burton play him, i think it would be great if Laforge time traveled much like spock did with the TOS cast

            this is ofcourse a movie recast it's somewhat harder to do t.v version although i have a feeling that that's the way they might go reboot it as a t.v show star trek tng 2.0
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              Picard - Mitch Pileggi
              Riker-Nathan Fillion
              Data-Tom Hiddleston
              Troi- Genevieve Padalecki
              Worf-Idris Elba
              Dr Crusher-Amanda Righetti


                Picard - Armand Assanti

                Let's have our French captain speak with a French accent.