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    Did you apply to Colonel Sharp?


      Gen Blue, Why? Did I apply to the wrong person? I checked the requirements and it said that I could either apply to Col Sharp or Gen blue. I hope haven’t done something wrong. If I have then I’ll take my bio down and re-apply to Col Sharp.

      Sorry for messing up.

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        No. Your good.
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          Name: Nathaniel James Finch Nickname: Finch

          Character Age: 26

          Character Rank: First Lieutenant

          Nationality: American, Naturalized Irish immigrant since age 9

          Character Position: as yet unassigned to an SG team, Cultural Anthropologist, Ancient/ Lantean Specialist and current acting Alpha Site Base Chaplain when not serving off world. Religion: Irish Catholic, also known as "Party Catholic" while the core beleifs are the same as mainstream Roman Catholocism, the Irish tend to be far more free with the sacramental wine and worry much more about wether a person is doing good in their life than what god they choose to follow.

          Appearance: Height: 5'7", Weight: 170#, Build: Athletic w29 b18 c41 , Hair: Brown, short-cropped with sideburns, Eyes: Green. (resembles shawn ashmore... plus about 20-30 pounds) Nat is compact and catlike, often sneaking up on people without quite intending to do so. Distinguishing Marks: A small nick in his left ear, just above the lobe. An armband tattoo of the destroyed Earth gate’s address done by a Jaffa in poured silver on the right.

          Personality: Nathaniel is not by any means someone that would have been expected to join any branch of the military. Nat is energetic and outgoing, slow to anger and quick to forgive. Cautious to a fault Nat is loath to act before thinking things through logically, which sometimes gets him into trouble, especially when decisive action is required. And when the unthinkable happens and things go wrong as they sometimes do the "No one gets left behind" rule will be thrown everywhere it can be until all options are exausted. He is always on the go, unable to sit in one place for too long, causing many to view him as being a bit manic, but his fidgeting is more based in his active background, he's just not used to being at rest.

          History: Born on the first of may 1980 to Barbara Jean Eyde (Ire.) and Colin James Finch (GB) Nathaniel moved with his parents to Quebec, Canada at age three and finally to Boston, Massachusetts at age 5. Nat never had any plans of joining the military, let alone the SGC, but the world has a funny was of leading you places you never expected to go. Throughout High School and College Nat was extremely active in academics and sports, excelling in history and language studies in class and participating in Track and field sports as well as fencing outside the classroom. It was right after High School that Nat chose to join the Air Force as a way to see the world, not to mention help pay off some of the expenses of his continuing education. Straight away he enrolled as an Ancient History major (ancient earth history) with a dual minor in the more specific fields of Ancient Culture and Theology. Upon the end of his initial 4 year enlistment Nat re-enlisted to go to officers school.With his grounding in history and archaeology it was not long after finishing officers school that he was transferred to the SGC in 2002. Once he arrived at the SGC Nathaniel began to study in earnest the history of the Ancients themselves, the gate builders. His education had always revolved around ancient studies, but that was the study of ancient Earth history, he now had access to something far different. In the year 2005, just shortly before the destruction of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex Nathaniel finished His M.A. in Ancient/ Lantean studies, and finished a B.A. in Theology after continuing on with his minors as well. Nathaniel can as a result of his studies read and write Lantean and can understand most of the spoken language clearly, but has not yet mastered speaking it himself. However he can hold a semblance of conversation in broken sentences somewhere on the level of a 5 year old . Nathaniel is also completely fluent in English, Irish/Gaelic, French, Latin and Italian.

          Other important facts: Nathaniel does have the ATA gene, which probably explains his fascination with ancient history. However, as he has never encountered any ancient technology other than the Stargate he has no idea that he is in fact a carrier of the gene. Nat has been on a few off world missions as a specialist sent along with other teams but never assigned to a team himself. The worlds he has visited include: P2X-338 (the site of the ancient archives, though Nat never encountered the archives as Col. O'neill did), P3R-272, P3X-593 (Simarka), P3X-797 (The land of Light), and Orban. He has requested placement on a mission to P9Q-281, the original home world of the Ancients, but no mission to that planet has ever been approved, the harsh planetary conditions being considered too great a risk.

          Weapons Preferences: Nat is very active and practices multiple martial arts: 16th century fencing (master instructor), Tai chi-qui gong (Gold Tiger), and Kali style Kickboxing (Red belt Level 4 stage 5). Nat's martial arts training has given him a strong fondness for cold weapons, he almost always carries a pair of tonfa, kama or some other small lightweight weapons as well as a tactical knife on his person for close quarters combat. With his love of hand to hand combat and cold weapons and his compact stature it is no surprise that Nathan's combat specialty is infiltratration, any task that involves stealth and speed is liable to spark Nathaniel's interest. As far as fire-arms are concerned Nathaniel is an excellent marksman with a pistol as well as most smaller fire-arms, but gives admirable however not award worthy performance with most others. Weapons typically carried: pair of tonfa, 2 tactical knives (one at belt and one in boot), Glock 17 9mm pistol (Austrian) with two extra clips (19ea, 57total), CZ Scorpion 9mm Makarov Submachinegun (Czech. Rep) with 4 extra clips(30ea, 150 total)
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          Lieuteneant Nathaniel James Finch
          Alpha Site Base Chaplain
          Ancient Studies / Cultural Anthropologist

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            An updated/edited bio for Major Dr. Gus Aaronson (since AT2 posted the last one and I can't edit it).

            In case you wanted to read it, here is Gus's old Bio.

            Character Name: Gus “Augustus” Aaronson
            Character Position: Major, Chief Medical Officer (NPC)
            Character Nationality: American
            Character Age: 47
            Character D.O.B: 1959
            Character Species: Human
            Character Gender: Male
            Character ATA Gene: No
            Character Height: 6’ 5”

            Character Appearance: Tall, dark hair just beginning to show areas of grey, brown eyes. Aging gracefully (physical state is still relatively athletic and strong) and rarely seen without his white lab coat.

            Character Personality: Tends toward protectiveness of both staff and acquaintances, ready to lend a helpful ear and dispense wisdom for anyone. He is actually rather quiet and has a tendency to fade into the background except when in his element- the Infirmary. Odd personal quirk- he has a remarkable capacity for names and faces and insists on using first names (rather than rank and last) whenever possible. Most of the staff- including the general- are accustomed to this.

            Character History: Gus grew up with as regular a family as you could imagine with two exceptions: his mother was a brain surgeon and his father a psychologist. His childhood years were mostly unremarkable and ordinary. His elementary grades proved to be only slightly above average, but in high school he found his niche and excelled in anything having to do with medical studies. He headed for college with the express purpose of becoming a doctor, and 8 years later upon graduation from medical school he landed a residency at Saint James’ Hospital (just outside of Chicago, IL).

            During his residency, Gus had the distinct pleasure of working with a newly-transferred, one-year-senior resident, Laura Farrell. The pair ended up under the direction of the same attending physician, and worked with each other extensively from day one. Their professional relationship expanded to include a personal one, and finally, on the eve of their certification in 1998, Laura proposed to Gus. Three months later, on April 29th, they were married. Baby Sarah followed nine months later, and little Paul arrived five years after that.

            Throughout his years of practice he was honored with several awards from the AMA. His hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed; Gus was approached by the Stargate program. After a great deal of deliberation and paperwork he accepted. Most of his friends and family simply thought he’d been transferred to another hospital.

            In 2005 he was officially transferred to the Alpha site as the resident doctor. Because his wife and family remained on Earth, Gus was allowed weekly visits home. It put a strain on his personal life, but he knew that Laura, with her own personal practice and a bevy of awards on her own wall, was also in the Stargate program’s sights. They came up with a plan- when the children were both out of school and on their own, she would join him. (Laura still had no real idea of where she would be going, but to her it was irrelevant- it was simply a matter of making it through the next decade as a family and making sure her children were well-adjusted and happy and able to make it on their own.)

            They never got that chance. Earth was destroyed later that year, and the loss of his family devastated Gus. He kept working, however, and found comfort and strength in his fellow survivors.

            Gus was recently promoted to Chief Medical Officer of the Alpha Site, and as such was given a field promotion to Air Force Major.

            (( Sorry it was long-winded, but I had to do a bit of editing and make corrections on the timeline. Becoming a doctor isn't easy, you know. ))

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              um. yeah. wow.
              Well this is my biography and yes it is approved! Nothing Amazing but done and thats enough for me
              Character Name: Skyler Mackenzie
              Character Age: 29
              Character Rank: Captain
              Species: Human
              Ancient gene: yes, only sporadically useful.
              Gender: Female
              Specialities: Hostage negotiations, piloting, and hand to hand combat
              Appearance: 5'8, Mid back length, brunette, hair. Dark Brown eyes. Fair and lightly freckled complexion. Slim with a lightly toned body. Usually is dressed fairly casually shes a girl who loves her levi's but also likes to dress up and often pairs them with some heels. Usually wears some make-up but has graduated to a refined and natural look.
              Distinguishing features: A long scar across her abdomen(that she refuses to talk about if anyone sees it), and a tattoo of a black rose on the back of her right calf(she also rarely talks about).
              Personality: Has different moods on one hand loves to joke around and have a good time but when the time calls for it or when she's in a fowl disposition she can be very serious and perhaps even a little uptight. She is very compassionate, empathetic and often gets her noise stuck in other peoples affairs while only trying to help. She is really outgoing, loves to meet new people and loves to talk though she enjoys times of silence and solitude.
              History: She grew up with her mom and two brothers in a small town in Canada and lived there until high school. Then she moved to a signficantally larger city in the United States she hated this change and it made her relationship with her mother strained. Though she always had her brothers to turn to until they grew up and left home both of them joining the United States Airforce. She finished highschool with average grades in most subjects excelling in History and English though besides that no great accomplishments. With no other hobbies she started to take an interest in the Airforce with some encouragement from her brother she decided to follow in there footsteps. At the age of 15 she joined the ROTC and started training to become a pilot. She earned her private pilot's license when she was 19 and has been flying ever since. Shortly after she met her soon to be fiance Rick but even with a fulfilling career and a loving significant other she didn't feel her life was complete. She did find that accomplished feeling after accidentally being involved in a SGC mission. It was discovered she had the ancient gene and while later it was discovered she didn't have a strong strand of it. This made the SGC take interest in her after looking over her past missions taking note she had great flight skills which had helped her succesfully take part in several missions around the world and was a loyal soldier they approached her about joining and after a lot of consideration and contemplating she decided to accept the offer. I mean off-world missions, aliens, and saving the world this offered the excitement she'd been missing in life so she made the move to Colorado Springs. She was offworld on a mission with her team when Earth was destroyed and like all other teams they reported to the alpha site and started her new journey in a place where literally her whole world was gone.
              Other important facts: Skyler had recently broken off her engagement before the earths destruction, her job was getting inbetween the relationship and she thought it wouldn't be fair to him if they got married that she still couldn't be entirely honest with him. She still has her engagement ring which he refused to take back and wears it on a silver chain around her neck.
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              You can never really know some completely. That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world, really - taking someone on faith, hoping they'll take you on faith too. It's such a precarious balance, it's a wonder we do it at all. And yet...
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                welcome to rge RPG SGAlove! long time no see


                  Originally posted by TheGreatLordGeorgerheaus View Post
                  welcome to rge RPG SGAlove! long time no see
                  Hey thansk wow dont want to chatter to much but to busy for a pm atm. Yeah its been a while haven't really talked much since As the forum updates but finally decided to get involved here, kind of had a falling out with my own RP, looking for something new. So just looking for a team to join
                  You can never really know some completely. That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world, really - taking someone on faith, hoping they'll take you on faith too. It's such a precarious balance, it's a wonder we do it at all. And yet...
                  -Libba Bray


                    Welcome SGA_Love! Your bio is really good, with one little nitpick (and I am notorious for these, don't take it personally):

                    After she saw she was turning into her own mother she got scared into making a change in her life so she decided to follow in the footsteps of both her brothers and at the age of 19 she joined the USAF becoming a pilot and has loved it ever since.
                    I don't think you need to have exemplary grades to be a pilot, but you do have to have extensive training. By the time your character is 19, without the proper groundwork, it would be too late for her to become a pilot. (Trust me- I had several friends that had been in ROTC since they were 14/15 years old because that was the only way they could accomplish that goal. One of them is now a commercial jet pilot. Also, my best friend's younger sister is 17, in the Civil Air Patrol, and recently became one of the youngest female pilots in the world.)

                    Check out this link- - and hopefully that will help clear it up. And if you want to read about Sarah, I posted about her on another board here.
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                      Updated still probably a bit lacking, kind of vague but will add more ASAP.
                      You can never really know some completely. That's why it's the most terrifying thing in the world, really - taking someone on faith, hoping they'll take you on faith too. It's such a precarious balance, it's a wonder we do it at all. And yet...
                      -Libba Bray


                        Originally posted by SGA_Love View Post
                        Updated still probably a bit lacking, kind of vague but will add more ASAP.
                        Welcome to the RP. Go ahead and have your character start posting in the Hangar Bay. (If you're caught up with the story. )
                        *goes to read up on 2 days of posts*
                        Wondering what's happening? Updates for Everything


                          Name: Lance 'Greasegun' McKinnon
                          Age: 35 (D.O.B. 11/5/72)
                          Rank: Major
                          Current Position: CO, SG-3
                          Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
                          ATA Gene: Unknown
                          Gender: Male
                          Appearance: 5'6", 163 lbs, good physical condition. Short bleached blond hair (natural color is black), short black goatee when he can get away with it.
                          Specialties: Pilot/Driver (if it's a vehicle, he can make it go fast), Tactical Specialist, Hand to Hand Combat, Small Arms, can perform maintenance/repairs on vehicles/aircraft
                          Flaws: Can become too mission focused, particularly if it involves saving/covering a friend - he's more than willing to sacrifice himself if necessary, and is prone to taking unnecessary risks if the payoff seems like it's worth the chance
                          Miscellaneous: WWII buff, particularly in the matters of the Airborne Infantry due to his grandfather, had a collection of WWII vintage weapons, 101st Airborne patch tattooed on his left ankle, along with his grandfather's name, rank, and years of service

                          Lance McKinnon is a third-generation military man. His grandfather served with honor in Fox Company, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Division in WWII and was highly decorated. His father served with the U.S. Army Engineers in Vietnam while an uncle was career navy. Growing up in a military family, Lance seemed destined from youth to enter the armed services. His grandfather's stories of the airborne had enthralled him from a young age, but his decision to become a flyer likely was catalyzed by the common thread of the 'godd**n air corps' scattering the airborne troops all over the place on D-day, nowhere near their drop zones related in numerous accounts by his grandfather and his fellow 101st vets. One particular incident related by his grandfather, that of a pilot skimming the trees way too low and sending his stick of paratroopers out the door too low for their chutes to open just to save his own butt stuck in his memory, and he decided that there was a need for skilled pilots to cover the backs of the men on the ground.

                          After showing a rather highly developed natural talent for driving anything (getting in a bit of trouble for taking the family car for joyrides while underage) and souping up vehicles even if the safety was dubious (his attempt to duct tape a few dozen bottle rockets to a soap-box derby car to make it go faster resulted in a second degree burn), Lance joined the Civil Air Patrol when he entered high school. The stories of his grandfather, coupled with the attention of his unit leader in the CAP caused him to focus and apply himself productively in high school, leading to an appointment to the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs.

                          As a cadet, he was in the top half of his class academically, but in anything tactic/strategy related, he was always in the top 3 in his class. Upon graduation, he was accepted into flight school, where he excelled and later went into the top gun school at Pensacola, FL for advanced combat flight training. He distinguished himself during that training, placing at the top of his class, and positioning himself as the second highest performer ever in that school. He was determined to meet the top performer who'd graduated a couple of years earlier, Chris Sharp. He flew cover for a few black ops missions involving combined units of SEALS and Rangers in the Middle East, where he met Larry Hutchinson.

                          A serendipitous duty positng caused him to be assigned to the same unit as Sharp, where they became good friends. Despite Lance's considerable skill, he was never able to defeat Sharp in a simulated dogfight, despite numerous tries. Ironically, Sharp was the only one to defeat him. The pair were an extremely effective team, with McKinnon serving as Sharp's wingman. After several years, McKinnon was transferred back to Top Gun school to be an instructor.

                          Eventually he was asked to join the F-302 program, where he was reunited with Sharp. His tactical skill was noticed by his superiors, and it was relayed to General Hammond. During the Antarctica battle in 2004, McKinnon was an active participant in the air battle with both Sharp and Mitchell, and was one of the primary planners for the tactics used to defeat the Goa'uld forces in the air.

                          When the offsite bases were established, McKinnon was not in the initial group of pilots sent offworld, instead he served as a 302 instructor for new pilots accepted into the program. When the bomb that blew up the earth was detonated, He had been offworld, conducting a training review for the new cadre of pilots just assigned to the beta site, where he has remained ever since.

                          During his stint at Beta Site, McKinnon's prankster streak came out in force, largely due to his reunion with Larry Hutchinson. Fortunately for both, Col. Hanes never discovered that they were behind some of their more involved schemes.

                          His nickname 'Greasegun' comes partly from his collection of WWII weapons, and for his ability to bounce his finger on the trigger of a semi-automatic weapon to almost make it sound like a fully automatic weapon due to the high fire rate.

                          Despite his confident air, and his posessing the somewhat brash air affected by all pilots, Lance is a team player, and extremely loyal to his comrades. If somebody earns his respect, he's more than willing to sacrifice himself for them.

                          **This is rough, any suggestions for improvement are more than welcome **
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                            Name: Ka'trin
                            Symbiotes name: Mor'ash

                            Species: Human host is part human and the other half is currently unknow she is discovering it.

                            Tok'ra symbiote: pretty much self explaintory, althought Mor'ash doesnt always agree with the rest of the tok'ra.

                            Appearence: Host is 5 foot 4 inches, medium build, has grey eyes, with long dark blonde/light brown hair. She appears to be in late 20s in age.

                            Current whereabouts: Unknown was last spotted on her way to earth....
                            I'm a doctor.. a medical doctor. I break things like this.. "beckett season one episode one of atlantis"


                              Blue, Decided to make a brief Bio of an NPC, I have been using.

                              Name: Benjamin Franklin Pierce
                              DOB: May 22, 1968
                              Age: 39
                              Position: Engineer
                              Rank: Senior Master Sergeant
                              Ancient Gene: no
                              Height: 5’10”
                              Weight: 220
                              Appearance: Green eyes, with short black hair, that is beginning to show signs of grey
                              Distinguishing marks: See tattoo of a hawk between his shoulder blades.

                              Bio: Pierce was born and raised in Texas. He joined the Air Force at 18 as a means to go to College, although he never thought he would love it as much as he does. While enlisted he attended college at Texas A & M and got a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture.
                              Because of his engineering back ground and his ability to memorize things quickly he was chosen for a position out of area 51, working with technology gained from the Stargate program. When they began preparation to begin building the Alpha site he became an assistant to the head engineering working on the project.
                              During his years of serice he was given several opptunities to join the ranks of officers but declined, he like being among non-commissioned officers.
                              He was permanently assigned to the alpha site, upon its completion as an engineer and SF.
                              He did not mind leaving earth behind, both of his parents died two years prior to him joining the SGC, and he had only one brother whom he rarely spoke to.

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                                Character Name: Adamo "Gunny" Tenaglo
                                Character Age: 34
                                Character Rank: Captain
                                Character Position: ___
                                Appearance: Brown hair, Blue eyes, 6'1", medium build
                                Personality: Is a warlike man, but once you really get to know him he will be nicer to you. He is in love with war and weapons. Loves to do dangerous things, that is the reason he join the USAF to fly a plane.
                                History: Born Boston, MA on March 31, 1971. While he grew he became very interested in war and weapons. He was really interested in the American Civil War. As he got older he began going out and paintballing almost every weekend. Once he graduated High School he went onto the USAF Academy. In 1990 when the First Gulf War began he quit the Academy and went out to fight the war. He knew he would be able to fly and fully prove himself as a great pilot and solider, and he did just that. He was part of many different missions during the Gulf War, and at its end he decided to return to the USAF Academy. Once he finally graduated he returned to the USAF. In 1997 he was introduced to the Stargate Program, though he first began only as base personnel he soon became a member of an SG team for a short period of time, before the Alpha site was finished which was he was transfered to there. Which is where he is now, as a member of ___.
                                Other important facts: He is trained to handle F-302 and Pave Hawks. He is also trained to handle many Earth weapons and Alien weapons too.
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