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GateWorld Forum Ads / Ad Locations (Updated 2021)

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    GateWorld Forum Ads / Ad Locations (Updated 2021)

    Hi, folks!

    As part of our continuing efforts to keep GateWorld online ... we are migrating to a new advertising provider this week.

    If you are using an Ad Blocker and you're a regular around these parts let me ask you to please consider adding to your Ad Blocker's whitelist. We need the revenue to pay the server bill and other costs.

    If you have ads on the forum (and the main site), you'll notice a few things are different. Some of this is experimental (and your feedback is welcome!). The top banner has migrated off the header image to the top of the page body (white space), below the navigation.

    There are also new "sticky" ads that will scroll with you, hopefully in a minimally obtrusive way, on the left and possibly the bottom of a desktop browser. Note that these will not appear on every page load.

    Finally: Expect some tweaks, fixes, and changes as we complete the implementation and experiment with some changes. Hopefully the new set-up will help to benefit the site in a way that doesn't harm your reading experience.



    Note also that some ads include a little "Report Ad" link below.

    These reports do NOT go to GateWorld and the forum mods, but to the ad provider. You're welcome to use the reporter if you think an ad contains inappropriate content or has a technical issue. Just be aware that our team doesn't see the report.


      It has always been my policy to allow scripts/ads from the same top level domain as the site I'm viewing. I understand that the bills have to be paid. If something nasty does pop up, I have a pretty good idea where it came from and can notify the site operator.

      What I do block is stuff from 3rd party domains such as and, which this page apparently tried to load.


        Advertising networks today draw on multiple providers, including those two (as well as Google, DoubleClick, and many others). If you have had particular problems with them in the past you might continue to block them, but because we're a part of an ad network the invocation of third-party domains comes with the territory.


          Hi, Everyone!

          An update for those who are interested, here in February 2021. We've heard your feedback about the current ads on the forum, and where they are tolerable and where they might be interfering with your enjoyment of the forum. Today we have removed the video ad unit from the bottom corner of your desktop browser.

          My thanks once again for your support of GateWorld. We are an independent fan site, not owned by any big (or small) conglomerate. So enabling ads as you browse the site is a great way to support GateWorld's continued existence -- now into our third decade!
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            Thank you for removing that annoying ad that sometimes had an X and sometimes didn't because I even saw that ad in the manage attachments window back with vb4.

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