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    Hey, I'm Erik, I recently joined Chevron Nine and figured I'd join here too as I'd been a lurker for a long time and thought it'd be a good idea to be able to reply to some things rather than just sit and hope someone else would reply in a similar manner that I would've.

    As I mentioned over in the other forum, I'm a Physics major and also a mod of the Sci-Fi board over at We've got a Stargate theme this month which has been pretty fun so far.



      Hey all, I'm brand new here, and I was introduced to the site by a friend of mine - Rocket4477 - Just introducing myself, hopefully I will become a regular poster and get to know y'all.
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        Originally posted by Foxx
        Hey all, I'm brand new here, and I was introduced to the site by a friend of mine - Rocket4477 - Just introducing myself, hopefully I will become a regular poster and get to know y'all.
        So, mods, do we get anything for refering new members? Cash, bonus posts, free DVDs (of Stargate)?


          Hahahah, Yeah nice, The referer should get something
          Video Game killa - Find me in UT2k4, Battlefield Vietnam, or Socom 2 and learn what "Schooled" really means!


            Hello, I'm pretty new, used to be Iloveosiris on the old board but didn't like Delphi, it was wayyy to hard to use and I like vB boards anyway. Love the new forum and Atlantis and can't wait for more Stargate!!!


              Hello all, Im katy from Wales but Iam currently in Malta staying with family

              Look forward to talking to you all


                Hello all! I have just joined the forum and thought I would get my first post under my belt!! Anywho, I am 27 years old and currently live in NE Ohio, although I am hoping to move to a warmer climate within the next year or two. As for Stargate, I have been obsessed for about a year and a half or so....even though it feels like I've been a fan forever! I think what got me hooked was the character of Daniel. Mainly the fact that he is so passionate about learning and so intelligent. It didn't hurt that he's so darn cute, too But his sheer excitement for learning new things is what brought me to the Stargate Universe in the first place. Now I can't get enough! Well, that's about it for me. I hope to be posting a little here and there, but I have a lot of threads to read!!! Ciao![COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]
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                  Hi all- just joined. I only recently got really into Stargate. I've watched old syndicated SG-1 off and on for a while and only really started watching late into season 7. I've been playing a little catchup (and amassing a DVD collection, so far I have seasons 1 and 2) So far I'm enjoying SG-1 season 8 and Atlantis
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                    Hi, I'm new here. I've been into Stargate for quite a while and I love it. I'm just some 15 year old boy who plays games all day or watches stargate. That's me. I like funny stuff to! I think Colonel O'neill is really funny lol.

                    Can anyboby tell me how to get to my control panel?
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                      Welcome to the zillions of new members who joined up in July! Our membership screamed skyward with the premieres of SG-1 and Atlantis. You are all most welcome. Make yourselves at home (just keep your feet off the coffee table!).
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                        Thank you for the kind welcome.
                        I hope i shall not be an annoying newbie, though I'm not making any promises.
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                        Stargate SG1 is my happy place.


                          Hello, I'm a bit of a newbie to...well, everything Stargate. I saw the Stargate movie a LONG time ago, but never did get to watch it through to the end, and after that I sort of forgot it existed. Until, like, three months ago. That's when I discovered Stargate SG-1 and, uh, here I am! oo I think. Am I here?

                , right, anyway, I am a male of 17 years of age. I'm also maybe a tad more mature than you'd expect. I like writing, and playing strategic video and computer games. I'm pretty creative, too...I hope to be an author someday, mostly of sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Unfortunately, I have the ultimate enemy of that career to deal with...procrastination! *eerie echoing*

                          Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi, and that I'll probably lurk more than I post. Oh, and just for reference, I'm a Midwesterner [of the US, anyway].

                          ...also, those little head-icons...are freaky. o.o *picks the Hammond one because it looks the least freaky*
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                            Hello, peeps. I'm from PA and have been a fan of the show for a number of years now. Much prefer the series to the movie, although when the movie comes on, I do like to note the inconsistencies with the show. Just picky, I guess. What else...went back to school to get my associate's degree after a military stint and some 15 yrs. (hence the name.)

                            This is the first forum I've ever joined, so bear with me as I go through the process of learning all the options at my dispoasal with fonts, colors, etc.


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                              hey guys!

                              good to find this introduction thread!
                              so I am a newbie! first post right here!
                              I have loved Stargate since the first episode I saw when just flipping through the channels and have been a fan ever since!
                              only discovered Gateworld after the premieres this July... i was looking for a picture of Joe Flanigan and wound up at Gateworld!
                              so I have been exploring around here and it looks like a lot of great fun!

                              glad to be here and am hoping for some great discussions!


                                Welcome new people! I look forward to seeing you around the various discussions. Don't forget to read up on the rules for the forum.