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    Hey Everyone

    My name is Kerry, or Kez as most people call me! I live in CO.Tyrone in Northern Ireland! I live with my boyfriend Cameron and my 2 month old son Eoin Tyler James! I am 18 years old and i work in the Police force of Northern Ireland!

    It was my Mum who got me into Stargate cos she and my sister were always watching it! Then it just grew on me and now i love it to bits. My fave character is of course Jack O'Neill he is soo hilarious and i think he and Sam should get together at some point!

    Well if ya want to know anymore just ask me

    Kerry xxx


      Hello everybody I am System Lord Voric, memeber of the Goa'uld system lords and the leader of a group of System Lords forming the collective group of the Vorican System Lords.

      Actually I am Darryl I live in a small town in Wisconsin, my cousin got me interested in star trek and this was back in the day when fox did the sci fi saturday when they would have andromeda, stargate and star trek voyager all on in a row. My first episoed was The Tokra and they are so cool but than came the azgard and the Ascended (who rock by the way) and the Wraith.

      I just started watching Atlantis because I was unable to get it *bad thing about cable* So a friend taped it for me and it was so cool!. I am currently a memeber at and but do not go to stargatefan because they are way behind I posted a thing about atlantis last week and it is still the newest post.

      I hope this website is as good as it seems and I need help with custom avatar.

      System Lord Voric
      I am voric a powerful yet sissy system lord. Fell my never ceaseless wrath or else.......


        Welcome to SazZat, Jack's Angel, and System Lord Voric!

        Have fun and post around!
        Fugly Space Babes: Spork one for Weir!
        Hussy of Babylon ~ Member of UHM


          Hello everybody! This is my first post... ever on any Board so please be gentle and patient as I have no idea how to do any of the fancy stuff.

          I have been lurking on this board off and on for quite some time but have never posted because I didn't think I had anything to contribute, everyone here seems to know so much more about the show than I do so I have been learning from all of you. Although I have been a fan since the movie, wore through the vcr tape and I am now on my second dvd, and I own all available seasons on dvd, I can only name a few episode titles and besides the major and recurring characters, I would never be able to name half of the other characters who have been on the show. I am not really a sci-fi fan but I saw the movie (I really thought I was the only person who had seen the movie for quite awhile) mainly because I have studied ancient cultures and it looked interesting. I stayed with the show over the years for many reasons. Two right off the top of my head are; the sarcasm and one liners, and the fact that I can watch with my children and it something that we can all enjoy.

          The reason I have decided to post now is I recently purchased tickets to the Chicago Convention. I have been to 2 Star Trek conventions years ago but this is my first for Stargate and I have a few questions I will post later to that forum. I have spent the last few weeks reading through many posts about past conventions and it is because of this I decided to go. That and I am originally from Chicago so I know my way around and can maybe visit with family while I am there. I tried to rearrange my schedule to go to Vancouver but alas, my husband is in the military and could not get leave.

          I am 34 years old, married with 2 girls ages 15 & 5. Afrer 9 years in the legal field, I ditched going to law school because of burnout & my husband's career and opened a small business.

          I can only hope that I do not bore everyone to death with my rambling and I will try to keep the silly questions to a minimum.



            Ahahahah. About time I introduced myself. I am well known to the Daniel/MS Thunkers already, but have only just started venturing out into other parts of the forum

            Let's see... I am known only as Mazz, how mysterious! I use far too many emoticons I have a wicked sense of humour, usually at my own expense and I have two monitors.

            IRL, I work for local government, and run my own hair and clothing businesses. I am from the UK, and I'm 23. I'm getting married in less than a month so am in wedding planning Hell. I adore SG1 but haven't had a chance to watch Atlantis yet (Oh, rescue me from these Dark Ages! ) and Danny's my favourite, simply because he's HOT although I love Jack's sense of humour.

            Well, that's me... Anything else you'd like to know, just ask


              Hi, I'm from the Netherlands, and a huge fan of the sg-1 series. Here in Holland the series is on reruns again. I haven't seen season 7 or 8 here yet, I have seen everything till season 7 on DVD, can't wait for s8 to come out on DVD here in this little country



                Hello, I'm from Australia. Currently at uni, and some of my buddies at the hostel where i live are going through stargate in order from season one episode one. i have seen about 1/3 up to where they are up to which is i think around the start of season 5.
                I love stargate, and loved daniel's hair longish like it was at the start!!
                I am not such a fan of atlantis because the wraith scare me and so i spend every episode with all my insides twisted up and that is just not pleasant!


                  Welcome to Army-Wife, groovyjoss, mazzmatazz and wolverine_nl! Great to see everyone talking and having a good time! We hope you all feel welcome!!!
                  Well, most of us were at work here...

                  The five J's of Stargate: Jack, Janet, Jonas, Jacob, Jackson!!!
                  In memorium: Whistler84 and Atteria...may you always be remembered.


                    Im teh hudson. im mazz`s online friend

                    This forum used to crash firefox. alot. its stopped now, so i can post! go me.

                    oh, and im 18, UK

                    My emojournal


                      Originally posted by Hudson
                      Im teh hudson. im mazz`s online friend

                      This forum used to crash firefox. alot. its stopped now, so i can post! go me.

                      oh, and im 18, UK
                      whoop. more insanity to bounce off mine own


                        I just wanna say Hi. Mainly been drooling (sorry I mean posting) in the jack thunk thread so far, but despite that I am more than addicted to all things gate related.
                        I live in the UK and work for Starbucks thus enabling me to feed my caffine habit whilst earning a crust. nothing else of any real interest to add to that right now but I look forward to getting to know you all better.


                          Welcome to all the new arrivals!

                          Post around, and have a good time!
                          Fugly Space Babes: Spork one for Weir!
                          Hussy of Babylon ~ Member of UHM



                            As you can see from my name and avatar, the Tok'ra and the Wraith are my favourite Stargate races :-) I'm both a SGA and SG-1 fan. In the former show, my favourite characters are Sheppard, McKay, Ford and Zelenka, my SG-1 favourites besides the Tok'ra are Daniel and Sam.

                            O'Neill: You did it, Sam. You won.
                            Carter: Wasn't me.
                            O'Neill: Oh yes it was. You hung in there, you beat it.
                            Carter: The Goa'uld gave its life for me. It saved me.
                            Sharush: Selmak is a wonderful Tok'ra. She is selfless and caring, she is good company, she has a wonderful sense of humor.
                            Carter: Well, that's good, Dad. You can sit around for hours cracking yourself up.




                                Ok I'm a little scared... this is such a huge forum! I don't even know where to start. But I love GateWorld so I'll give it a go

                                So a little about myself hmm... well I'm a girl from Sweden, 22, study film production and working my way up to becoming a cameraman *g*

                                I just recently re-discovered Stargate SG-1. We don't have it here in Sweden anymore, we used to but that was a long time ago and only the first 2 seasons. Back then I just thought it got cancelled...

                                So anyways a couple of months ago I was on the hunt for a new show to watch because I've gotten tiered of all others lol. So I found SG-1 I thought "hey wait a minute I remember this show..."

                                As it turns out the first episode I watched was "Citizen Joe" which was a good ep to start on I guess, but I still didn't understand one thing lol! I sat like a question mark throughout the whole thing.

                                After that I watched "Prometheus Unbound" and I was hooked! And I remember saying "Is that Daniel Jackson?! You've gotta be kidding me!!! Wow that guy's hot!" *eg* And like that my obsession with Daniel and Michael Shanks begun lol.

                                So anyways I watched 8 years of Stargate in like a week lol, well maybe 2. Backwards and in no order, except of which I thought were gonna be good eps. Yeah that was a smart move as it turns out, I had to surf many sites, including this one who helpt a lot! and ask a looot of questions before I finally got the Stargate Universe.

                                And that ladies and gentlemen is my life story! lol

                                I'm a huge Daniel and Shanks fan. I love Jack and Daniel, but just as friends, I'm not a slasher. So gonna miss the banter when Jack leaves!

                                I like Daniel and Vala together althou I'm not a die hard shipper, I just think they are really funny together! And I'm so happy that she's coming back in s.9!

                                Can't wait for season 9! Ah *goes crazy* 2 months left for cryin out loud!

                                *cough* so how are you?
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