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    Hi to all, and since we have a fair few new members (and returning members who have not used this board before)

    a few handy hints and tips...

    Hi and welcome aboard!!

    Some handy tips for new GateWorld members.

    We have a Welcome New Members thread in the Off Topic Chatter forum, which you can find here.

    The forum FAQ should answer any and all of your questions about the forum, including the preferred weapon of choice of each of the mods (although don't believe all you hear, we're all fluffy-bunny-wunnies really)

    One thing we do like to request, however, is that before you start a new thread – please have a look round (you can use the search feature) and make sure that it is not already covered by another existing thread. It makes more sense to have conversations about one specific thing in one place so that everyone can join in. Especially the episode specific threads: these are linked from the GateWorld website. Anyone who visits the website can follow the link and find out what we all said about the ep. They can not do that if the ep discussion is spread around several threads.

    Should, however, the FAQ not provide the answers you seek, you could try the Ask the Mods thread which is also in the Off Topic Chatter section. (and don't worry: that thread is looong, you are NOT going to get reamed and told to 'read the backlog'.) This thread covers everything from forum etiquette to the running order of future eps. (It is not the place to ask for the Answer To Life The Universe and Everything. That's a different show anyway and is covered elsewhere - and in excruciating detail - on the internet. We have been known to help with homework in the past though, although no guarantees are given)

    You can, of course (via their profiles) send a Private Message (PM) to any or all of the Moderators, or contact us by email if you prefer not to do it in the public forum.

    Jump in and start talking!!!

    Major Clanger

    GateWorld Moderator
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      Hi everyone, I'm new too. I just recently started watching Stargate, but have already seen the first six seasons since I bought them on DVD. They don't show it on tv here in Denmark anymore . I love all the characters but Sam is definitely my favorite .
      My name is Nina, I am 26 and other shows I like are Star Trek (all but TOS), The X-files, B5, Battlestar Galactica (new) to name a few. I might be lurking around here for a while until I get to know this place a little better...see you !

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        Hi everyone!!!

        My name is Lorhelene, I'm french girl and I speak a little in american and english.

        I like Stargate SG-1. I think it's the best serie TV.

        And I like more other serie : ER, JAG, NCIS...

        Sorry if I make mistake of writting!

        And... I'm 14.


          Hi Lorhelene (Your English is just fine!) - welcome aboard
          In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king



            Thanks major


              Hey people,

              Been around here before, but it's been a while so I created a new profile. (can't even remember the old one)

              Anyway I've been a fan of the show after it had first appeared on Showtime, catching it off and on. Then a couple of years ago broke down and started getting the boxed sets (up to season 6 now) & even managed to get the wife & her folks hooked on it. Thumbs up for me.

              I'm a veteran of the U.S. Army (Air Defense Artillery) and am fascinated by the show's use of weaponry. (for the most part they're pretty accurate)

              Not sure what else to mention right now seeing as it's 1:06am and I'm at work on nightshift getting sleepy.

              The image in my sig was thrown together pretty fast in an old version of Paint Shop Pro. It's the Avenger system (they use the stinger missle which gets used on the show a few times) with a cut n paste Gate.

              Again, hello to all, nice to be here/back.


                Hi All,
                I'm new to forums in general but not to GateWorld which is one of my favorite source of information about Stargate. I too have been a fan for years, started watching the TV show out of curiosity after I'd seen the movie, and rapidly got hooked. This forum seems like a friendly place and I hope we'll get to know each other better as time goes ;-)


                  Hello all. I'm a newbie, but an old fan. I started back with Showtime, but left after it started to get bad. My lovely girlfriend (Hex.FTB.enabled) reintroduced me to the show not too long ago. I've been really happy with what Sci-Fi has done with it. Anyway. Here I am, an old school Newb. This site rocks!
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                    HI Ya Everybody!

                    I'm new!!! After a year of lurking MY very own TPTB a.k.a my parents let me join YYYaaaa!! Stargate FOREVER



                      hi my name is sheppards2cool and i'm in high school. i like stargate and my fav characters are shep,sam,oneil,mckay,ford,and weir, oh and daniel.
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                        To all of you: Haizums_breath, Lalie, teddybearnospaces, Cassie and sheppards2cool!!

                        Hope you'll enjoy it in here!

                        I havn't been here that long either!!


                        Belief in Sam and Jack ship in season 10?

                        P.S. sorry about my english - from Denmark()


                          Hi everyone... long time lurker (finally registered a couple months ago), first time poster, and LONG time Stargate fan!!!

                          I'm a college student out in California. Originally from the Bay Area, I'm currently taking classes in Southern California at Cal Poly Pomona. I like sports (basketball), video games, Stargate, aquariums, and more Stargate!


                            Just to say hi to everyone, so hi! I'm from the UK, a huge stargate fan, and have a shrine to it in my room! Fave episode is Window of Opportunity, love O'Neill and Carter! Have been a fan since seeing Out of Mind, and also love The X Files!



                              Just a quick hey to everyone im 23 and from the u.k.

                              Been a big fan of any and all sci fi as far back as i can remember and very big fan of sg1 and now atlantis. Also big star trek fan im doing my second degree (actually its psych nurse training but counts as a degree). well thats about all so hey
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                                Hello Everyone

                                My name is Caryn, I just joined ^-^

                                Um, I've been a fan of Stargate for a little over a year now. I think it's one of the best shows since MacGyver (hehe, RDA fan here).

                                A little bit about myself; I like to read, I write poetry, I snowboard, I love most music (I've yet to get into Country), I love plays and Improv. I'm also obsessed with Stargate ^-^