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    welcome hope uhave a good time i have been, since i'm fairly new

    ps newbie thread
    Oneil: You ended the sentence in a preposition, you ba$tard!


      Welcome to the board.


        Hi all.

        I've been lurking here for a few months, and I'm finally getting up the courage (and time!) to join the discussions. I've only been watching SG1 about a year, and I'm watching SGA now too. See you around.


          welcome Jean


            HI everyone!

            I have been a frequent visitor to the news and spoiler sections on Gateworld, but never the forum...first time visitor, so it will take some time to figure my way around. I am used to the chaos that is Skiffy, so something so neat and organized is scary!

            I am a 'Gater and a 'Scaper, so my life will be one REALLY happy place when season 9 airs! Just wish RDA would stay to make it perfect!

            I make Farscape Fan vids in my spare time (I am a stay at home mom, so believe it or not I do have quite a bit!), and I anticipate making Stargate ones as soon as I can afford all the DVD's.

            Thanks for everyone being here to talk about two of my favorite shows!

            My Favorite Jayne Quotes:
            "Time for some thrilling heroics."
            "These are stone killers, little man. They ain't cuddly like me."
            "Do you know what the chain of command is here? It's the chain I go get and beat you with to show you who's in ruttin' command."
            "I'll be in my bunk."


              Welcome to all the recent newbies!

              Potions_Mistress: I guess I'll see you 'round the Daniel and Shep thunk threads then!
              Fugly Space Babes: Spork one for Weir!
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                Hello all.

                New poster here, but Stargate fan since the movie. I've been watching SG-1 since the very beginning and I have seen almost every episode at least twice (some eps more times).

                My favorite character has to be Jack O'Neill because he is me. By that I mean I really thought someone had been following me around, taking notes, when they were developing O'Neill's character. I tend to make the same sarcastic/cynical comments as O'Neill before he does (in eps I haven't seen yet). However, I think Teal'c rocks-- I love his dry wit.

                I don't know how good the series will be after Season 9 if the rumors are true (that O'Neill will be phased out).

                I watch Atlantis, but for some reason, it's just not the same and I see Atlantis as "comic relief." I just can't take the Wraiths seriously for some reason...

                Matt U.


                  Hey People Ima teh fate Love stargate cant get enuff of it ^_^ WooT WooT
                  Fate <--Loves Teyla and shep >=)
                  I cant wait till season 3 for atlantis ooooh im liked all hyped up =o

                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^<<----------------------Spastic >=X



                    Hi to all! I've been lurking here for a while now and reading your posts, but this is now my very first post! The reason is, that I can't speak english very well, as you may soon notice...
                    I'm a huge Daniel-fan, so you can imagine my disappointment when here where I live the tv-channel stopped showing Stargate after the season 5! And you all know what happened there, so I won't ever see Daniel coming back or anything else for that matter...Now I just have been reading spoilers for future seasons and that kind of stuff. Sad...But anyways, once again, Hi to all!


                      Not sure waht to say, but i'm a huge Daniel Fan and now Major Davis fan. I have always enjoyed watching Davis onSg, but it wasn't till i got the Dvd's that got me hook to the yummuy Davis


                        Hi, my name is Draven. I'm a second year college student. I'm going for a major in Graphic Design. When I'm not at school, I'm out working with my horse, Zip. I live on a farm with him, and my three dogs. I got addicted to Stargate from the first episode and haven't stopped watching it since. I'm now into the phase of writing fanfiction and have a few started.
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                          Just joined up.

                          I'm in Brisbane, Australia so my viewing of Stargate has always been subject to the whims of our dodgy Chanel 7. So I'm not too knowledgeable about the series.

                          Obviously my favourite character is Jack, because he likes cake and was brave enough to use the phrase 'Who's your daddy?' in public.

                          I like Stargate becuase it's all about travel and adventure. Because of the show I now do rockclimbing and alot of outdoors stuff. However I don't tell too many people where the inspiration for my green and black climbing and hiking outfit comes from

                          My only real gripe with the show is that I've learned from playing Tom Clancy computer games is that in reality (I'm assuming they're a real enough simulation of ballistics) the FN P90 rarely hits what you point it at All right for most of the close quaters battle situations they find themselves in, but not for that episode where Sam shoots through a thin rope using the single shot fire. And I'm done.


                            Hello, I'm Pitry and I'm a Stargate addict

                            *decides confessing is good to the soul and it would be easier to start now than never...* I'm lurking in here for quite some time and I just realised I'm not really the lurky type....
                            Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
                            Yes, I am!
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                              Originally posted by Major Clanger
                              Just to say a welcome to all who made it over here, but especially anyone who is taking part in the forum for the first time.

                              If you want to come and say hi, and if you want (it's not compulsory) let us know a bit about yourself (remember the golden internet rules about not giving too much personal info away) and maybe how you got interested in Stargate, feel free.

                              We also have a "where are we" thread if you want to join the list.
                              Hey there. My name is Mary Beth and I fell in love with SG-1 after years of avoiding it (I loved the movie and am always scared of spin-off series).

                              However, I saw "Line of Duty" and I was hooked. That's a pretty good one to have as a first episode seen since the storyline of LOD served as a primer for the series.

                              I'm sad to consider no RDA in season 9 but am curious and excited about the story prospects/new characters.

                              At any rate, hi everyone!

                              ...You're ALWAYS Welcome in Samanda: Amanda's Community of New Fans and Old Friends...


                                Hey everyone! This is the first message board I've ever been part of, so I'll prbly just be hanging around figuring things out for a little while, please be patient and kind!

                                I got interested in Stargate about two years ago and have since seen every episode ever made (including Atlantis, which by the way hasn't aired yet in Canada! ). I consider it time well spent/wasted!

                                I don't really have any wise saying to dispense so I'll just sign off I guess!

                                Stephen Morden