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Picture & Animated .gif posting rules.

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    Picture & Animated .gif posting rules.

    GateWorld Picture & Animated .gifs rules...

    please read

    There is a great way to attach pictures/animated .gifs to a thread, using them to make thumbnails so that folks can see what's there without that same picture downloading over and over and over. Just use the attachments button below. This is the preferred way of posting pictures and animated .gifs

    If you choose to post the pictures, they do have to fit a couple of criteria;

    1) They cannot be larger than the forum boundaries, 300x400 is a good size. They cannot be larger than 100K.

    2)If they are called from another server you must have permission to hotlink to them. Links like this do put a drain on servers and too many folks linking to too many pictures has been known to take a server down every once in a while.

    If you choose to put the animated .gifs in your post, they do have to fit a couple of criteria;

    1) They cannot be larger than the forum boundaries. They cannot be larger than 100K

    2) You cannot quote the pictures/animated .gifs in your replies. Multiple copies of the pics/.gifs just drain more bandwidth.Please change to links in your replies.

    Last but not least, please do not post pictures/.gifs that spoil the current season of Stargate: Universe or other shows and movies ! Feel free to post links to those pictures with the appropriate warning of spoilers though.

    Please remember: these rules are not here to diminish your enjoyment but to make the Forum accessible and enjoyable for everyone - including those forum members on a slow dial-up connection!

    If you have any questions or problems please ask any of the mods.
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    As so many people ignore or simply don't realise they have to post according to those long-standing rules daily in all kinds of topics,time to bump TameFarrar's post.
    The place to "Gate" to during Outages for updates and info:


      Time to remind everyone of the rules for gifs,images sigs.
      They cannot be larger than the forum boundaries (700 pixels wide) even if you put a spoiler tag on the pic. They cannot be larger than 100KB.

      When requoting images /gifs in your replies - PLEASE change the tag to url and /url.
      Also don't hotlink pics direct from other sites unless you know for a fact that you're allowed to do so.

      If you don't know how to measure the pics,or you need help of any kind,ask the others who post to your favourite threads or contact a Mod.

      We'd prefer to help ,instead of just deleting posts as per GW policy!
      The place to "Gate" to during Outages for updates and info: