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X-treme Guide to GateWorld (for newbies)

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    X-treme Guide to GateWorld (for newbies)

    There are a LOT of questions that get asked repetitively by newbies which aren't covered by the FAQ.

    Note: various levels are subject to change without notice.


    Q: How come my post count isn't going up?

    Posts made in Off Topic don't count.

    Q: What are the user levels?

    0-24: Probie
    25-49: Airman
    50 -99: Staff Sergeant
    100-249: Chief Master Sergeant
    250-499: Second Lieutenant
    500-999: First Lieutenant
    1000-1999: Captain
    2000-2999: Major
    3000-4999: Lieutenant Colonel
    5000-7999: Colonel
    8000-9999: Brigadier General
    10000-14999: Major General
    15000-19999: Lieutenant General
    20000-34999: General
    35000+: Air Force Chief of Staff

    Q: I've seen other ranks, too! When do I become a Prior/Forum Goddess?

    You don't. Not by post count, anyway. Those are special titles created just for the staff. A few others have unique titles, as well, which aren't attainable by the general populace. Which means, sorry, there's no way for you to become an Executive Producer just by posting here at Gateworld.

    Q: How does my post count affect my status on Gateworld?

    Post count is tied into your user level and your avatar level, neither of which makes your actual posts any more or less interesting. As the saying goes, "Stop worrying about your post count and just make your posts count."


    Q: What is "reputation?"

    Reputation is a user-based rating system. It's an informal and supposedly fun way to "reward" people based on your opinion of their posts. You grant rep by clicking on the Star icon located next to a person's post.
    You can view your own rep by looking under "My Controls". Or, if you have the feature turned off, go into "edit options" and click the box for "show my reputation level".

    Q: What are good/bad things to give rep for?
    There are no hard and fast rules for granting rep. Generally speaking, however, it's considered bad manners to "reward" people simply because they agree with you. Remember to try and judge the value based on the content of the post itself, not the opinion and not the opinion-holder.

    Posts that you find helpful, thought-provoking, funny, or generally interesting would all be good candidates for positive rep. And remember that these are only guidelines, though, not rules. No one can force you to "toe the line" and you can't force others to do it, either.

    Q: If green means positive rep what do gray squares mean?

    It means the person giving you rep is too new and/or has too low a reputation for their rep to affect your rep. I believe that "active" rep kicks in around your 50th post (when you're Jaffa Fodder). a gray rep will always be gray- like a leopard, rep doesn't change its spots.

    Q: I know that my rep is viewable under "My Controls" but is there a way to see the rep I've given to other people?

    Other than keeping a record of it yourself? No.
    *Update to vbb : Look inside your control panel.You'll see the latest reps listed that you've both given to others and recieved ,and also see your own "Rep -giving power".

    Q: What are the rep levels and how do you find them?

    If you hold your mouse over your (or anyone's) reputation blocks, a small box pops up describing the rep level. It's been a while since I've paid attention to this, myself, so I'll let someone else correct my mistakes and provide any specific rep numbers required, but here's what I could find:

    ... is an up-and-coming trainee. being considered to join the Stargate program.
    ...just got transferred to Stargate Command. a back-up SG-team member. a permanent member of an SG-team. a popular officer at Stargate Command.
    ...has their pick of any assignment at the S.G.C. an SG-team leader! commander of SG-1! in charge at Stargate Command! top brass at Homeworld Security.
    ...has a Daedalus-class battle cruiser named after them.
    ...has ascended to a higher plane of existence.So long,mortals ! a server in the Ascended Diner. a Host/Hostess in the Ascended Diner. head chef at the Ascended Diner the manager of the Ascended Diner
    ...uses Ascended Beings as icing on their cake

    On the negative side (Gateworld no longer allows the granting of negative rep), you have:

    ...has to retake the Academy entrance exam.
    ...has been reassigned to the basement of Area 51.
    ...has been suspended from active duty.
    ...has been dishonourably discharged.

    Q: How many points are reps worth?

    Initially, once your "active" rep kicks in [at around 50 posts], your rep granting abilities equal one point. As your reputation climbs (and as you grant more rep, yourself), the point level increases. There is no clear-cut formula to determine whose reps count for how much.

    Q: How many points do I have to get in order to get another rep block?

    When you join Gateworld, you start off with 12 points and one green block. Once you pass the 100 point mark, you'll get a second square. Initially, each block represents 100 rep points. After the first four (I think), it becomes 200 points per block and the levels become progressively higher until you max out at 11 squares. I'm not sure how many points it takes get get from the 10th square to the 11th one, but I think it's around 500.

    Q: How come some blocks are a lighter green?

    I think it's a stylistic thing. It takes more points to get them and it helps them stand out a bit more.

    Q: What are jello blocks and why are some of them radioactive? Will they make me sick??

    "Jello block" is just another way to refer to rep squares/blocks and along as you don't eat them, you should be fine. Jello (AKA "jelly" in some parts of the world) is considered to be a Stargate in-reference since the food puts in occasional appearances on the show (although usually it's blue or red). "Radioactive" jello squares aren't actually radioactive, it's just a way to differentiate the lighter or "glowing" ones. As for why they're radioactive rather than ascended, well, ascended jello wouldn't be nearly as tasty.

    Q: How does my rep level affect my status on Gateworld?

    It doesn't. Reputation is utterly meaningless. It doesn't get you any special privileges and (again) it doesn't make your posts any more or less interesting. People who have their rep display turned off have a gray box.


    Q: I want to upload my own avatar. Why isn't it working?

    Uploading unique/personal avatars will become available after you reach a certain number of posts (currently it's around 2000, but Darren changes the number once in a while). This is a way of showing appreciation to long-term posters and it's also to encourage people to stick around.
    Updated Sept 20th 2017: As of a few days ago ,you can upload your own "Custom" Avatar once you pass 1000 posts.Keep checking your avatar options at the 1000 mark.If you don't see the option there,do a refresh and try again.


    Q: How do I become a moderator? Can I be one? Huh?? Huh?? Can I?? How many posts does it take??

    Gateworld is not seeking to add any more Moderators at this point in time. WHEN and IF such a thing happens, it'll rest entirely in the hands of Darren and his staff. They will make recommendations, those recommendations will be discussed and debated, and if they can find someone they all agree on, Darren will take it to the next level. It has absolutely nothing to do with post count or rep level or any other GW features. Nominating someone- either yourself or a friend- won't work.

    Q: How do spoiler tags work?

    This is actually covered in the FAQ, but here's a quickie visual:
    [spoiler] text [/spoiler] which translates to:
    That wasn't so hard now, was it?

    Note: There is now an exclamation point in the edit/post window which inserts spoiler tags automatically.
    For some time now,and for the foreseeable future,all spoiler tags have to be typed manually.

    Q: Any last words of advice?

    RTFM. It really does help.

    UPDATE to Add :

    What do all these terms mean? Thunk? LOL? IIRC? IMHO? PIMPing?
    Here's a quick guide to common Internet shorthand, as well as some of GateWorld's own unique lingo:

    Thunk - The sound made when one hits the ground due to a superb male/female specimen
    TPTB - The Powers That Be (producers, writers, network execs)
    PTB - Powers That Be
    LOL - Laughing Out Loud
    ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
    ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    FWIW - For What It's Worth
    UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension
    PIMPing - Peeing In My Pants (because you're laughing so hard)
    CKK - Chunky Kit Kat (Big Kat in the USA), the chocolate bar of choice in the GateWorld lunchroom
    PM - Private Message (a forum feature)

    Cast members:

    RDA - Richard Dean Anderson ("Jack O'Neill")
    AT - Amanda Tapping ("Samantha Carter")
    MS - Michael Shanks ("Daniel Jackson")
    CJ - Christopher Judge ("Teal'c")
    BB - Ben Browder ("Cameron Mitchell")
    CB - Claudia Black ("Vala Mal Doran")
    CN - Corin Nemec ("Jonas Quinn")
    DSD - Don S. Davis ("General George Hammond")
    TR - Teryl Rothery ("Dr. Janet Fraiser")
    JF - Joe Flanigan ("John Sheppard")
    TH - Torri Higginson ("Elizabeth Weir")
    DH - David Hewlett ("Rodney McKay")
    RSF - Rainbow Sun Francks ("Aiden Ford")
    RL - Rachel Luttrell ("Teyla Emmagan")
    PM - Paul McGillion ("Carson Beckett")

    BE POLITE. We're here to have fun, not to shove opinions down each other's throats.

    Read Things to think about when starting a thread. Good advice, and it comes from a moderator.

    I have a few more hints for survival in a thread that could prove VERY eye-opening to newbies and oldbies alike.

    For another look into how to manage here at Gateworld, check out Purpleyin's Unofficial Guide to Gateworld located on her blog (away from Gateworld). It covers some of these topics as well as ways to help folks "fit in" more easily when they post- including the difference between an opinion and a fact, how lurking can be beneficial, and the meaning of a protected thread. (thanks Qasim for the link)

    Addition : Nolamom posted a visual Guide for New GateWorlders' benefit here :CLICK TO VIEW IMAGE

    Addition :

    If this post doesn't cover your question or concern : check out the Official "Help" threads in this section,and if in doubt : contact a Forum Moderator.
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    Whilst we are here Purpleyin has made an unofficial guide to GW -
    gumboYaYa: you are all beautiful, your words and openness are what make that shine. don't forget how much talent love and beauty you all have.
    so for now, peace love love love more love and happy, and thank you, thank you, thank you
    love Torri


      Very nice Shadow. Jello for you


        Your rep levels arent completely right Shadow. My rep is "ready to take a human host" (its after " a beacon of hope for all larval Goa'uld") and you don't have that on the list.

        5th Season of Supernatural Premiering September 10th!


          This is a great thread "ShadowMaat" that should really come in handy for newbies. This is a great forum that isn't just a great place to post about awesome Sci Fi shows, but its also a fun and friendly place where mods are people's friends and not their foes! Its awesome to have such a great collection of Q&As in 1 place. Nice job
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          ..."Let me guess ... Steve?"
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            Excellent thread ShadowMaat...if only you did this when i joined GW
            I tried to give you some jello but it wont let me for some reason
            The doctor told me Im insane, thank God! its so much better then being outsane!


              Originally posted by ShadowMaat
              (thanks Quasim for the link)
              gumboYaYa: you are all beautiful, your words and openness are what make that shine. don't forget how much talent love and beauty you all have.
              so for now, peace love love love more love and happy, and thank you, thank you, thank you
              love Torri


                hmmm I may make my own some time

                Or Not!!


                  And of course we cannot forget the negative rep levels ;] i'm sure i dont have them right, so pls correct me, so i can edit them later

                  -is banned to the waters of P3X-888
                  -is chosen to be tortured by the Goaulds
                  -is the worst of worst
                  "Maybe one day you will learn that your way is not the only way!"

                  Visit Dr. Radek Zelenka's Complete Translations and thunk thread

                  All translations will be found in the first post of this thread, though i recommend to read the whole discussion ;]


                    I've added several of these to the FAQ. I'd rather keep the exact user level break-downs, the various user titles and Reputation notes, on a less "official" level.

                    Thanks, Shadow!
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                      Thanks for the info


                        You may be able to avoid officially acknowledging the user levels, Darren dear, but meanwhile the rest of us get buried in demands to know about them. Still, glad to help.


                          Yes, that's why beautiful threads like this exist to point to.

                          'Course, I'm just perverted enough to wait until you add it to your sig, then go in and change all the levels.
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                            Is that why the rep levels changed? I'd only just got the keys to the System Lord bathroom when someone took them away again *sniffle*


                              Just to make you go back and edit some more, Shadow…...

                              “…is whispered of among the System Lords.” is somewhere in there among the jello descriptions. I’m pretty sure it comes after “…is feared by humans in all Goa’uld-harvesting territories.”

                              “…is formally recognized by the System Lords” is in there as well. After the System Lords tire of whispering about you they then formally recognize you. Yippy! Then they try to kill you when you become a well-know threat……
                              IMO always implied.