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Admin : Do you allow me to ?

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    Admin : Do you allow me to ?

    Hello there !

    24 French guy who is a stragate fan since 8 !

    I'd like to ask you if smthg I possible ?

    I opened a Stargate Atlantis 4K animated wallpapers online shop

    Here is what I propose to customers : 4K SGA animated wallpapers !
    On the shop I also provide a service in which I can help customers install their animated wallpaper on their device

    So here is my question : Am I allowed to promote my shop/service on this forum ? If yes in which subsection ?

    Thanks to all !

    Have a good day

    Sincerely yours

    Hi and welcome!

    Just create a thread in Stargate Fandom:

    Good luck!

    The place to "Gate" to during Outages for updates and info: