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    Default Re-Mastered Babylon 5 Streaming Now

    I am starting a new thread because this is the hottest topic in the realm of Babylon 5. Recently iTunes, Amazon, and I believe VUDU have been sporting new "Re-Mastered" digital streaming editions of Babylon 5. At first glance on Amazon I was amazed to see not only the original 4:3 aspect ratio, but a much better looking picture in the episode I watched. This euphoria was short lived. Reports are filtering in with all sorts of issues - missing scenes, out of place scenes, mis-titled episodes, out of order episodes, just to name a few. So far it sounds like Amazon episodes have more issues than the iTunes episodes, which doesn't seem possible but I am just reporting what I've heard. This is VERY disturbing because it means if you own these digital version you have to start hoping they go back and correct the mistakes immediately.

    Most importantly I wanted to bring this to people's attention in hopes that you will say something if you see something that seems out of place or missing.

    OKAY so here is an update that I should probably put in his Patreon thread, but if you have read this far about the "Re-Masters" then you will definitely want to know this news. I've been a part of JMS' Patreon since the start and from my point of view he has not disappointed. Last night he took it to another level with an exclusive video where he sat on his couch and watched PARLIAMENT OF DREAMS 1.5. This was the video chosen by his Patrons. It was great. He was very vulnerable and really gave some interesting insights into this great episode. And apparently this is the first of these and he has others planned for the future. This stuff is a big reason I joined his Patreon. The Creator of the friggin show on his couch watching the series 25 years later and telling me his thoughts and memories. It was fantastic. He couldn't show the actual episode, but you could hear it in the background playing in his living room. And, don't hold me to this, I believe this video will eventually be made public on YouTube, so keep your eye out if you don't want to join his Patreon. It is well worth the watch to see the man who started it all tell you what he thinks about it as it is playing.

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    Default Re: Re-Mastered Babylon 5 Streaming Now

    There is now talk of a Blu-Ray release....

    This is a frightening proposition given the "Re-Master" mistakes I have heard about. One can only hope Warner U.K. has versions that do not have these issues.

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