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    Sci-Fi Doing a Rewatch of SGU

    I never bought the SGU series after it went off of TV. I have SG1, SGA, and the TV movies. I started a rewatch of SGU last night with my son. I introducted him to SG1 and SGA...both of which he loves. We finished all parts of AIR last night, and I must say that I have a new appreciation for the series that I didn't have when I watched it the first go 'round. My son also seems to enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Doing a Rewatch of SGU

    I thought it was underrated 10 years ago and I still think the same!
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    Default Re: Doing a Rewatch of SGU

    I watched this one when it aired, and I rather liked it, even though it wasn't well received by most.
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    Default Re: Doing a Rewatch of SGU

    Aside from the space battle with the Lucian Alliance, the episode was great showing us the characters and the odds stacked against them.

    Personally my opinion of SGU is still low because there was just too much drama. I'm fine if it lasted two to three episodes to work out their problems. Then a few moments of it here and there as the show progressed. But their focus should have been putting their sh*t aside long enough to get things done while not breathing down each others throats. Didn't help that Rush either kept crucial information to himself or his attitude was constantly being a downer for everyone.

    An example of this would be in the episode 'Light'. It could have ended on a good note with a laugh as things picked up from there as they made the best of the situation from then on. But Rush just had to throw cold water on that.

    But season 2 really picked things. Really wished it continued from there.

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