The Sims 4

Speaking of Dark Matter, I happened to be on the Gallery for the video game The Sims 4 and decided one day to look up Dark Matter. I didn't expect to find anything related to the TV show but I did.

This one I thought the Portia Lin (2), The Android and Emily Kolburn (5) sims were good:

My Favorites: The Android, Emily Kolburn
My Top Favorite: Portia Lin
This one I thought the Marcus Boone (3), Ryo Tetsudo (4), Kal Varrik (6), Derrick Moss (1), Emily Kolburn (5) and the Android sims were good:

My Favorites: The Android, Emily Kolburn, Derrick Moss, Kal Varrick, Marcus Boone
My Top Favorite: Ryo Tetsudo
This one I thought the Emily Kolburn (5), Marcus Boone (3), Portia Lin (2), Kal Varrik (6) sims were good:

My Top Favorites: Emily Kolburn, Marcus Boone, Portia Lin, Kal Varrick

These are 2 Sims 4 houses I just found that are Raza Inspired:

Some others I found:

I happened to find this video on YouTube of someone making Emily Kolburn (5) for The Sims 4. This would probably be my 4th favorite sim of 5:
The Sims 3

I did find this for The Sims 3. It's Portia Lin and so far she is the only one from Dark Matter that I have found for The Sims 3:
The Sims 2

As for the Sims 2 nothing as of now, but who knows I might end up making some of them one day.