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    Default Stargate advent calendar

    Hello, gaters. I'm new here, but not in the fandom (active on Deviantart and stargate-fusion (french community)).
    Since 2016, I realise a collaborative stargate advent calendar.
    Here are the previous version:


    Everyone can participate, with an image or a text (detail below).
    It can be about SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, Origins, 1994 film.

    The theme of this year is when stargater meets others aliens.

    Said otherwise, this year, it will be crossover time.

    What will happen if a goa'uld meet E.T? Will a yautja and a wraith get along ? Can Asuran beat the protomolecule from the expanse ? Will Lanthian understand the writing of the alien from The arrival ? Are Galliferyan and Lanthian related ? Can a wraith be a sith ? What would look like a System Lord with a klingon host ? Can you find an Oannes if you dive deep enough on 4546B (subnautica)?

    It's also the perfect occasion to show your originals aliens interaction with stargate folks.

    It can be a picture (.jpeg or .png, 72 ppi, max 1500 pixel width.) or a text, in English (max one page, font size 12), or in English AND in your native language (I generally do mine in French and English).
    You must have made this image/text and it must not be published anywhere before appering in the calendar.
    Photomanipulations are fine, but it must create a new image, not just like color change or resize.

    The images stay the full property of their owner, all contents remain property of their creators, but the image will stay in the calendar after publishing. They won't be used anywhere else without your autorisation. No commercial use made of them of course. No remuneration either.
    This is a small fun project made by fans for fans.

    If you are interested, enlist here ou contact me by MP.

    PS: Sorry for any mistake. I'm not a english native speaker.

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    Default Re: Stargate advent calendar

    The calendar it's here, but it still a work in progress.
    I need your help for completing it! Please participate!

    The calendar 2020 and previous ones:

    Happy december everyone!

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    Default Re: Stargate advent calendar

    Interesting concept...
    Heightmeyer's Lemming -- still the coolest Lemming of the forum
    Proper Stargate Rewatch -- season 10 of SG-1
    First time watching Star Trek: The Adventures of Captain Kirk and his Trusted Sidekick, Mr. Spock

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