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    Question MIA StargÅte Command. The truth is out there.

    Silly question but what really happened with the StargÅte command team. It seemed it was moving forward then just completely ended without a real explanation. I saw David Reed was coming back here so I guess it has been completely disbanded?

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    Default Re: MIA StargÅte Command. The truth is out there.

    The truth of the matter is that the website and therefore the team itself ceased to exist.

    Jenny (one of the two, at least) is working on other projects.

    No clue where the others disappeared off to.
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    Default Re: MIA StargÅte Command. The truth is out there.

    The team has ascended into the YouTube as they have establised a channel there.
    I can't believe I am still advertising them after everything. Anyway it looks like they haven't uploaded any new video material in the last 4-5 months although they have got 90000 subscribers. As you can see me and FH and many others are still here, so the "core members" of SG:C are still here. Sometimes I miss my travel quizes and the daily chit-chat, because I have enjoyed to be in the centre of attention even if I know it was a bit flooding. I hope my overenthusiastic work stays as a nice memory. They have thrown away our SG community so easily. I have to admit I have started to forget completly the SG:C as I couldn't pretend that I was not annoyed, so after I have expressed my opinion on their new forum, I have not bothered to return since last 2019 July. Damage was done what even a sarcophagus won't heal. Then the year has gone and I believed I am more noble to move on and to forgive, but now as you have started this thread some old wounds have reopened as more and more memories are returning. They are a perfect example how to ruin a community with technical and unlogical business limitations, but then even the "content maker" chat wall users were completly muted forever. This is disgusting and clearly unacceptable and my opinion hasn't changed. This is the reason I skip their yt videos as I know myself I would comment day by day then I don't trust them that they won't delete the channel without hesitation. I have said a few times the SGC app will be just a fading memory on the list of the failed Stargate merchandises. And I am sorry, I really wanted to help and to support them as I loved that site like it was my own. Then they have still decided to ruin everything with the reckless deleting and moving and the closing out of potential paying customers, so I am not surprised the site has ended after a long agony. At least GW is still standing.
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