I was wondering if and how it would be possible to integrate the FarScape world into the Stargate franchise. I know it sounds like a heretic idea, but here is what I was thinking.

The whole FarScape universe would be placed in a new galaxy, so all the major races would still exist, but they have never discovered the stargate system or it doesn't exist at the part of the space.

The Ancients also exist in FarScape as well and guess what they are also called Ancients there. I would like to introduce them as a new group within the Ancients who were experimenting on wormholes. They wanted to create wormholes without the gate technology as their ambitious plan couldn't be contolled with technological limitation. They were planning bigger and longer journies between the galaxies for bigger vehicles, so this is the reason why John Chricton will play a major role in FarScape as this knowledge was given / downloaded to him and this is how his journey started. What we have never known that his wormhole accident has leaded him to a new galaxy. Since the Farscape has never left the galaxy, all those races were completly isolated from the events in the Milky Way or the Pegasus galaxy.

I believe they have briefly mentioned that the Peacekeepers were originated from Earth as well and they were also connected to the Egyptian culture. Maybe they were taken there and they were considered the local Systemlords who will guide the other races as the descendants or new form of the Ancients. Who knows?

The only major controversial plot is that John and his team has reached and stayed on Earth in season 4 and the existence of the aliens were revealed as they were shown on tv. Frell.

We could still find a good reason why the chaotic random starburst jumps were preferred instead of the gate technology, why the FS-Ancients have decided to go back to Avalon / Earth / Tauri and what has really happend with the gate system there. Maybe the FS-Ancients didn't want to interfere the local evolution of the races or the gate seeder ship has failed or destroyed by force or has never arrived. Or the galaxy has got some weird anomalies like a giant black hole / solar flare which would block or make unstable the traditional wormholes in the gate system etc.

Anything can happen in a scifi so maybe there is an alternate universe where the two scifi realms can co-exist even if they are and were seperated by distance. So what do you think?