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    Default Unprovoked attacks on supply ships

    Watched it again on Comettv yesterday and sorry I don't know the name of the episode or season but it is a continuation of my last post which happens to be the most current post here at this time. In yesterday's episode the security officer's old flame comes back and finds out he still drinks, Lennier goes somewhat rouge and leaves in a fighter and nearly dies because of low oxygen but records who is randomly attacking supply ships. G'kar and Lida make an agreement on telepaths. Back on B5 there is going to be a meeting with all the ambassadors except for Londo tomorrow. I'm not up on things to know the ships recorded by Lennier but from this episode and previous episodes it looks like Londo's race is behind these random attacks but Londo doesn't know it.
    Soooo I won't be able to watch today so can someone tell me who is randomly attacking these supply ships?

    More importantly why and what is to be gained by these attacks? To split the alliance, something to do with Londo's race owing the Shadows for the Shadows help defeating G'kar's race or possibly the race that starts with a D that killed the Emperor I asked about in my last post?

    Sorry about all the questions. Thx
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