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    TV a bunch of you tube eureka links

    all I had time to get, but there is more out there.

    Eureka - Meet the cast

    A Town Called Eureka Exclusive Interview at London MCM Expo Oct 2010

    Eureka Cast Interview - Part 1

    Eureka Cast Interview - Part 3

    The Cast and Crew of Eureka Say Goodbye

    Eureka - Trivia Challenge - Part 1

    Eureka - Trivia Challenge - Part 2

    Eureka - Video Blogs - Bringing S.A.R.A.H. to Life

    SDCC '11: Eureka Panel

    Colin Ferguson on Eureka

    Eureka. (HD) Comic Con 2010 panel 1 of

    Eureka Cast Reunion Panel Pt. 1

    Eureka Colin Ferguson Speaks Dynamically at Phoenix Comicon

    Eureka - Colin & Salli - Interviews
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