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    Default Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew

    I saw this article on Star Trek's Website called Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew. It basically says you have $15 to choose a Quarantine Crew and gives you a picture to make your choices from.

    My Star Trek Quarantine Crew would be this:
    • Katheryn Janeway or Benjamin Sisko
    • Julian Bashir
    • Jadzia Dax
    • Neelix
    • Will Riker

    My list ended up being one from each row even though it didn't have to be.

    So, who would you choose to be your Star Trek quarantine crew?

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    Default Re: Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew

    Saru, Odo and Dax gets me up to Six. Saru as a solid choice for Captain, Odo for his awesomeness as a security officer and his versatility with his shapeshifting ability. Dax is a great all rounder. Scientist, pilot, engineer, warrior. She can do it all.

    Then Bashir gets me up to Nine because you need a solid Doctor and a super genius one at that.

    I was considering addding Seven of Nine but other than Nanoprobes there's more to be offered by Data. A little more expensive but again, super genius and also super strength. He'd make a great first officer to Saru too.

    That leaves me with $2 to spend... So both Tilly and Tucker. Tilly has the smarts and the enthusiasm. And Tucker adds some experience as well as a solid grease-monkey engineer.


    Captain: Saru $2
    First Officer: Data $4
    Science Officer: Dax $2
    Chief Engineer: Tucker $1
    operations Officer: Tilly $1
    Security Chief: Odo $2
    Chief Medical Officer: Bashir $3

    And even though the quiz didn't ask for it... Obviously this is a very science orientated crew so I'm inclined to say... Intrepid class ship... Or a Crossfield... Needs to be a solid science ship anyway.
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    Default Re: Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew

    Mine would be:

    $4 Spock
    $3 Seven
    $3 Bashir
    $2 Dax
    $2 Odo
    $1 Tilly


    $5 Picard
    $4 Spock
    $3 Seven
    $2 Dax
    $1 Tilly

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    Default Re: Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew

    Sisko $5
    Seven $3
    Bashir $3
    Odo $2
    Tily $1
    Number One $1
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    Default Re: Your Star Trek Quarantine Crew

    Spock, Philipa, Data, Saru and Trip
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