Hello everyone,

I've always tried to find a map with the Stargate Network in the Milky Way but most of the works are either lost ou don't show all the planets. So I've taken two days to make this one, basing my work on the site Stargate Command. I suggest that you download it to see it in better quality.

The Stargate command site lists five hundred planets in the Milky Way: I did not mark the planets of Stargate Infinity and a few other planets of which I had neither the name nor any character to associate with this planet. That leaves just over four hundred and fifty planets on this map.

Regarding the placement of the planets, I have arranged as follows:
- placement of the planets on the arms of the Galaxy (Orion, Perseus, Sagittarius ...)
- the distance from Earth when they are indicated and the logic of the series (Abydos and Heliopolis necessarily close, Base Icare at 21 light years).
- indications of proximity to the planets.
- the grouping of planets belonging to a Goa'uld in a specific sector (defensive logic) and near the Goa'uld domain with which it had conflicts.
- grouping of the planets showing factors of common cultures (cuneiform script, Egyptian architecture or Latin or Greek culture), the territory of Camulus near that of Morrigan.
- the placement of planets having been Goa'uld colonies or conflicts with them near their territories (logics of distance and journey times of vessels)
- random placement of PX planets ... when there is no indication or information.
- placement of the ruins or technology of the Ancients almost everywhere in the Galaxy with, however, a concentration in the center (the Goa'uld are looters ...).
- grouping of planets protected by the Asgard in a corner (defensive logic: even with their speed, they do not have the gift of ubiquity and, as in the last two thousand years, they have been at war with the Replicators. ..).
- placing planets like Vagonbrei or Sahal in a corner of the Galaxy close enough to know the Jaffas but not enough to have been conquered by the Goa'ulds or so long ago (Quest for the Sangraal, the inhabitants did not have seem to fear the Jaffa or understand that Ba'al is a Goa'uld).
- Nox and Sodans, far from the center of the Galaxy. The Nox, however, near the Asgard area of ??influence.

I would welcome your comments and constructive criticism. I experienced a difficulty concerning the placement of the planets which have been the subject of an invasion or a visit of a Prior. As you would see the planet where is the second Supergate, is close to Camelot (which is consistent with the fact that the Russians recover Mitchell and Jackson) and close to the planets controlled by the Lucian Alliance (which is coherent with the reinforcements during the battle ). On the other hand, to go and attack Chulak, it is not the door next to it even if their ships are rather fast but that does not explain how the Ha'tak of Bra'tac join them a few moments later, while:
- Jaffa vessels are slower.
- the greater the distance, the greater the difference between the arrival time of the Jaffa and the Oris.

That is just about everything. Last thing, some names (Monde de Reese, for example) are written in French since I am French.https://www.deviantart.com/balianxvi...0%3A1589275687