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    Default What do you love about Stargate?

    Hi all!

    Since I am a newbie here, let me introduce myself. It was a bit over two years ago since I discovered Stargate, specifically SG-1. By the halfway point in the show, where something particularly major happened to one of the team members, I realized I was hooked. There was something about this show, that I absolutely loved. Since then, I have spent hours rewatching the show and writing yet unpublished fan fiction. Through all that, I learned so much, mostly about myself, but other topics as well. Stories have power. They have the power to impact us in a way, I am not sure anything else can. It is one of the reasons I love storytelling. Is Stargate perfect? Nope, not by a long shot. But it was a comment here, that made me realize you can love something, or someone even if you don't like every aspect. Here, two years later, I can say, I love the show for what it is, in all its messiness, and imperfections.

    We all though have our own lenses. Our perspectives. That brings me the question in the title and the subject of this thread. I would love to hear about what you love. What hooked you into stargate. My perspective will probably be different. But does that matter? I love hearing someone else’s perspective. Often I learn from it. Perhaps something new about whatever they are talking about, or perhaps something about the person themselves.

    So come, talk my ear off. Tell me what you love about stargate. Tell me what drew you into the show, and what made you stay with it. Was there something about the world that sparked your imagination? Was it the characters, or a particular one you loved and resonated with you? Was there a particular story, that touched your heart in a way, that surprised you, and taught you something new? Maybe there is more than one reason. Whatever drew you into the story, I’d love to hear it!

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    Default Re: What do you love about Stargate?

    What drew me to SG-1 was that it was different from other sci-fi shows and movies. In other shows, characters have superpowers or genectic abilities and/or even some sort of costume and a helmet. While I consider SG-1 to be a hero show because of its adverture/action-based scenes, the show (at least in its early seasons, less in the latter ones) went out to introduce a problem, mix the characters into it and having the characters actually think trough what has to be done to resolve the problem.

    The second thing I like was the mythology and the history of races of people introduced during the show. Each one expanded the SG unverse a little bit. On top of that, I love how the writers made it be multi-verse-based or multi-dimensional-based. It was fun to see two versions of the same characters compare to what happened in their own universes and/or what happened with their loved ones - family members, friends, neighbours, co-workers. It showed how Stargate was big and how of a large impact that it had not just on the auidence watching at home, but on itself as well. Which brings me to humor in the show.

    Every of the three shows had its own humor model, which made it easy for both the writers/producers and the viewers to view the different spin-offs of the show as different, but the same at the same time. It managed to offer a veriety of different characters with their own backgrounds and their own stories while still expanding the SG universe.

    From all three shows, all of the above was done in SG-1 the best. SGA went off-track at some point while SGU didn't really get the chance to shine because of MGM's bankrupcy and all of that stuff. But I'd say all of the three spin-offs are more than worthy of being called "Stargate".

    Of course - as you said - SG is not perfect and would definetely need some ironing-out to get some things straight. But the basics of it were done right. And if you are a showrunner and do the basics of your show right, you may mess up, but people will still want to watch more of it since you're doing in right, at least in some minimal way. There's also the finances factor in the picture somehwere, but that's for another thread.

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    Default Re: What do you love about Stargate?

    I always loved the mythology and the exploration in the show. And it is really good how they have found out of the rules of the gate system, so we have learned more and more details how it works. It was done very cleverly. So now only the imagination and the budget are the limit.
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    Default Re: What do you love about Stargate?

    Err... I was flipping channels one afternoon. We didn't get to watch too much TV at home and there was nothing on, but in order to make the most of our TV-time we continued watching MacGuyver step through this puddle of water.

    Looked it up online and started watching from the start with Children of the Gods. Loved the Ancient Egyptian theme. I love history and archaeology so that was a nice bonus. I was getting into the Ancient Egyptian history back then, before that it was Roman history for the most part.

    When I first watched 1994 Stargate, I didn't like that film. I came round though.
    The film has some really cool props -- the falcon helmet for example.

    I liked Daniel a lot in the beginning, until he turned into less of an archaeologist and more of a GI Joe Light version of himself. Never took to Carter much, still don't. Jack was one of my faves too and Teal'c was alright, I guess. Vala -- LOVED HER! She basically saved SG-1 in season 9 and 10.

    It wasn't until Stargate Atlantis, though, that I realized I was totally hooked on Stargate. I was there from the start of the show, right up until its ending, going through all the motions and whatnot. My favorite character -- Kate Heightmeyer -- dying isn't exactly a high light to remember but I definitely had the most fun with Atlantis.
    Most of the fanfic I wrote/write is for Stargate Atlantis, and most always has the female characters front and center, though there isn't a character in SGA that I absolutely do not like (no, not even McKay).

    I started a rewatch some 2 years ago. Might have seen it mentioned, the Proper Stargate Rewatch, with the quizzes and the jigsaw puzzles. Started it right before Stargate Origins was made/released. Then found out I didn't actually have access to all that content and my rewatch most certainly suffered from it.

    I recently picked it up again so I'm heading in the second half of season 8 of SG-1.
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