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    Default links i found

    these were in my suggested viewing:

    Closing The Circle: Leonard Nimoy On Meeting Nimoy Relatives in Zaslav
    Yiddish Book Center-4 years ago

    Leonard Nimoy On Growing Up In The West End, Keeping Spock's Ears And Losing His Boston Accent-WGBH News-5 years ago
    ******************************************************************************** **
    Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) After-Star Trek: The Original Series
    1 year ago

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    Default Re: links i found

    Good interview. I also watched the DeForest Kelly tribute. Good bit of history about him.

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    Default Re: links i found

    When the Borg assimilate everyone, including Klingons, would mess their underwear if the Borg hacked in and played this over their speakers

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