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    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON SIX
    Godspeed returns demanding Barry's speed, Team Flash seeks help from Hartley Rathaway a sonic-powered villain who holds the Flash responsible for a personal tragedy. Iris finds an ally inside the Mirrorverse, and Ralph gives counsel to Frost.

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    Godspeed, who cares? Also, does that mean its Godspeed from Nora's timeline or a new timeline?

    I cannot believe how wishy-washy The Flash writers have been about Pied Piper.

    They change the timeline in what Season 2 and make him an ally. Only for references of his help and he never appeared again until after Crisis and he's a villain again... ugh.

    Season 1 was a bombshell, leave those characterizations, tropes, and storylines in the past.

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