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    Quote Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
    The Goa'uld never really acquired the Asgard transporter technology (ie the understanding of it).
    Osiris got a pre-built transporter from the Asgard base and integrated it into the Alk'esh with Goa'uld control technology.
    The Alk'esh was stolen by the Trust.
    The trust were captured by the Goa'uld. (probably Ba'al)

    So somewhere between 'Endgame' and 'Full Alert'( when the Alk'esh was destroyed), Ba'al could have removed the Asgard transporter and integrated it into his own ship.

    OK, I need to go and watch Full Alert to make sure there is no example of the Alk'esh Transporter being used in that episode which would kill this theory dead if it was.
    Under this theory, does Ba'al eventually learn how to reverse engineer the one transporter device? In season 9's "Off the Grid" the Ba'al clone goes down with a ship that had beaming technology. In the next Ba'al clone episode (Insiders - S10, E4), his clones bypass the SGC's jamming technology by grouping together and combining their individual locator beacons.

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    I guess that if there is future evidence of Ba'al having more than 1 ship with the transporter tech then he either must have worked out how to reverse engineer it, have another source of transporters or the theory is dud. I'd need to do some more watching to confirm.

    It's also possible that the Trust already revere engineered it in the time that they had the ship and Ba'al just stole the knowledge from them.

    Having access to an Asgard beam and access to people in positions of power on Earth could have meant they were able to put the pieces together on how it worked.

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