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    Thumbs up NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE( spoilers)

    they re booted the animated series steven universe on cartoon network, or, maybe it should be called pickes up a second series of steven universe, any way....if you haven't seen the final part of the first series, then stop here, there WILL be spoilers, so, you have ben warned, will con tinue it below:

    ok, here is the spoiler

    the second series takes place after steven defeated the diamonds and freed the gem home world from the rule of the diamonds, it picks about 4+ years after all that happened:

    I would suggest watching the steven universe movie before watching the second series, it isn't necessary, but it helps,

    any way the second series takes place on earth where gems and humans are living together, the gems live in a small village called little home world and they are learning how to be an individual, but they aren't the only one learning about them selves steven is finally given a chance to stop and rest and think about his future, , I guess that is why the series is called steven universe:future. It is even more powerful than the first, another well worth the watch recommendation.

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    Default Re: NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE( spoilers)

    have finally gotten around to watching more of it, and it IS powerful, you see steven trying to deal with his repressed feelings while feeling the weight of the universe on his shoulders, no not a pun, I must say this one got to me and...OOF... it is a REAL punch in the gut.

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