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    Post Alex in Wonderland (516)

    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON FIVE
    A grieving Alex uses Obsidian lenses to take on the role of Supergirl in the virtual reality world, where she finds that some of the human residents are beginning to lose their memories of their real identities.

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    So glad they followed up on the SuperAlex from the previous episode's VR options.

    I liked the VR world, though it felt a bit stilted. As a programmer I had to wonder how one person's experience is maintained while allowing others' fantasies be valid.

    As noted, multiple people want to be Supergirl, so how does that impact someone's recovery if some other Super saves a crowd without them? I doubt the show will address that.

    I kinda feel like the plot of this episode and the last episode run too close together. I feel like the previous episode should have only been about Nia and the trans community, because the whole plot about an exploit in the VR gets really focused on in this episode.

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