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    Visit the Episode GuideBATWOMAN - SEASON ONE
    In despair after an act of revenge, Kate agrees to a truce with Alice in order to break Mouse out of Arkham and leave town for good. Jacob and Sophie begin looking in to Lucius Fox's murder after evidence surfaces casting doubt on his killer's conviction.

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    I dislike that they killed off the convict that was freed for a re-trial. I was hoping to see Lucas deal with interacting and trusting the face he always associated with his dad's killer.

    Overall I liked the episode. Kate fighting in a rabbit mask was cool.

    Though I do find it odd that Mouse seemed to be in a "stable" state of mind despite having been exposed to the fear gas for days including in the asylum. His mindful question of "why did you trust her?" was just a bit surprising. Not long ago, Alice was saying Mouse must be still reeling from the gas' effects, but then he seemed pretty well over all.

    I also found it very touching that Mary was connecting with Lucas. I'm vibing those two.

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