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    Post Death of the Speed Force (614)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON SIX
    Wally West returns home with a warning that something is wrong with the speed force, prompting Barry to take extreme measures. Meanwhile a meta with the ability to manipulate time attacks a Russian socialite, aging her victim to death.

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    Default Re: Death of the Speed Force (614)

    Pretty sad that this is happening now, but it all will be good anyways. I am boggled by the notion to create a fake Speed Force, but I guess they can get something to charge him enough to keep running. I am also kind of botherd that Iris storyline is so lackluster this half of the season. Its no fun watching her being trapped with the nutjob, who wont leave her bunker.
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    @tomstone, I agree.

    Iris' storyline is kinda meh. I mean, the character is not developing AT ALL, instead this is serving as a way to allow Candice to be evil. I would have preferred Iris be given a bit of an edge.

    I guess they felt there's no more growth for Iris and they couldn't reasonably get her to the point where she's a badass.

    I'm sad to see Wally go, I miss him terribly and I think the show rushed his storyline and just never made him a hero on his own. They always had Barry overshadow him.

    I wish he stayed on Legends, but I understand the actor's desire for change

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