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    Post A Girl Named Sue (612)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON SIX
    Ralph finally finds his long-missing person, Sue Dearbon, and finds himself teaming up with her on a daring adventure to stop the gangster who is trying to kill her. Meanwhile Iris finds herself trapped inside a mirror prison, where a despondent Eva McCulloch has given up all hope of escape.

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    It would be really cool to find out that pre-Crisis Sue Dearbon was literally just a socialite who went missing for boring reasons. But Crisis happened and her history/character changed to be a cat burglar.

    Oh well, The Flash offers a nice fund episode, but still continues to prevent Crisis from having any meaningful impact on The Flash.

    I love the chemistry between the lead characters, I just wish that Ralph felt like he had more to offer than secretly being Elongated Man.

    If Iris got a mirror duplicate, doesn't that also mean that the CEO's wife, Eva McCulloch, also has/had a doppleganger running around from the mirror? What happened to her?

    Also, I really hope they don't make Eva a villainous Mirror Master, it just seems like they are using Crisis to create "new metas" like most seasons of The Flash.

    * Particle accelerator explosion
    * Alternate Dimension dopplegangers
    * People gain powers they had from Flashpoint via Savitar
    * A bus gets exposed to exotic particles after the Flash gets free
    * Metas are born from debris of fallen satellites exposed to exotic particles

    I mean, the show keeps looking for ways to recycle the creation or introduction of new metas and now that's all that Crisis boils down to? Shameful.

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