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    Visit the Episode GuideSUPERGIRL - SEASON FIVE
    The fifth-dimensional being Mxyzptlk returns with an offer to let Kara change her past and make things right with Lena. But the alternate histories could make the world as she knows it even worse.

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    I liked the episode, but I was hoping for cameos from some season 1 specific characters, like Maxwell Lord who kinda just disappeared.

    This episode really highlights to me how much this show is more like Smallville since season 2. The 100th episode basically ignored all but the pilot episode of season one. Not even a mention of Kara and Alex's dad.

    I'm sure scheduling conflicts are to blame, but as a 100th episode it didn't really pack any punch to me.

    Even the last scene with Kara and Lena, I would have preferred Kara said if Lena choices to act like a villain by working with Lex, then she'll deal with her like any villain. Instead, we just get the latter part. I hoped it would have been a bit more forceful or conflicting to really hammer into Lena how far she has strayed.

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