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    Hi all
    This is my first posting, please be kind : )
    I have been a bit confused about how SGU finished as in where it was going, what did the captin and the prof see out of the port hole. where were the writers taking it?
    Did they see a alien structure, some sore of a heaven or ship. just what was it?

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    From GW's website (or from the navigation menu with the thee show's names, navigate to SGU Season 2 (point to SGU and click Season Two), episode "The Greater Good".

    The Ancients discovered complexity and coherence, neither naturally occurring, in the cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang at the beginning of the universe. It is a sign of profound intelligence where there ought only to be chaos. They built Destiny to find out who created this message.
    I think the writers were going to tell a bigger story here. I'm still unsure myself where they were planning to take the show in the three unmade seasons (they imagined SGU as a 5 season story). But what I think that we weren't going to see anyone go back to Earth trough Destiny's gate until they woulndn't have encountered the sign of the profound intelligence. Whatever that was supposed to be.

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