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    Question Mission Reports and Extras?

    Now that the streaming platforms are gone, what about Origins, the Mission Reports, and also the extras, such as the Bloopers video and the Props video?

    It seems these might be lost to time right now and that is a shame for the fandom, especially as most of the world has not been able to see them. The mission reports would be nice to have here on GateWorld and/or the wikis and the video extras on DVD and/or on the YouTube channel.
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    Default Re: Mission Reports and Extras?

    Origins is available for worldwide download -- the edited film version.

    Dialing Home interviews are released on YouTube.
    I expect the bloopers to make an appearance there too, unless they finally get their heads out of their butts and release Origins on DVD/BR, in which case all the extras should go there first.

    DVD extras are on the DVD's and available on YouTube if you search for them.
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