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    Post Marathon (610)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE FLASH - SEASON SIX
    Iris' investigation of a shadowy group trafficking in metas and meta tech makes her the target of a high-powered assassin. Meanwhile, Barry and John Diggle travel to Lian Yu in the hopes of finishing one last mission for Oliver.

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    Ciscos rant really hit hard. A whole Multiverse of Wells and we got stuck with the irresponsible Adventurejunkie.
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    I felt like they didn't really give us a good shot of the timeline on the board. First the board is transparent, so background objects/color can mask some of it.

    It also feels odd, that it seems like Cisco and others only have memories from before Crisis/during Crisis, but not of their current lives/history of the current Earth.

    This whole Black Hole storyline feels weak, too many secret organizations going around. Leviathan, Ollie's other half sister's ninja clad, The League of Assassin's, and now Black Hole...I mean...come on.

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