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    Default Stargate in Spanish magician show

    I have been in Madrid a few days ago, where I have seen a weird magician advertisement. The performer was standing in front a Stargate! They have not even bothered to photoshop down the chevrons with lights even if the glyphs are repeated.

    Then I have checked his official website :
    Where you can see a physical Stargate prop is on the stage. I don't want to put him in any trouble, but is this legal? Has he licensed it from MGM?

    I have believed first it was the French gate, but then I have seen the photos in a bigger resolution and it looks really a bit poorly made. Anyway it was a nice discovery to see the Stargate again.
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    Default Re: Stargate in Spanish magician show

    It's probably not technically legal. But then again, neither is the French gate nor Stargate Network, so I don't think they'd have anything to worry about, unless they make money off of using it.
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