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    Default McKay's personality

    I attempted to describe McKay's personality quite exactly but i need to know other opinions.
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    Default Re: McKay's personality

    err, what?
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    Default Re: McKay's personality

    Hes a genius for sure, but incredibly egotistical and disrespectful to those not close to him. Though he has a good heart when it comes down to it
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    Default Re: McKay's personality

    He starts out as a complete jerk. Very self centered, and thinks the world revolves around him. At least that is how he copes with life. However, when gets pushed out of his comfort zone, and is sent to Atlantis, he does change. Some of that self-centeredness still stays, but it softens. It is the friendships that he ends up forging, that change him for the better. As well as the circumstances that he finds himself in.

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    Default Re: McKay's personality

    Well, he's a guy whose self admittedly very arrogant, though it kind of makes sense given his intelligence and having to be the one to save people with his ideas all the time. Though, that's no excuse for having trouble viewing other peoples work. In "Grace Under Pressure" I think he said something about not trusting other people to do it. So he may just have a do it yourself mentality. As for his more phobia/ hypochondriac related behaviors, well the more you know how dangerous things are in the world the more afraid of them you'll be, right?

    But from a different persective of 'why' his personality and behaviour is the way it is, I've seen other sites where people with autism have either speculated or firmly believe that he has asperger's. I don't know too much about it myself, but I think the people who know what their talking about make good points. Like his stimming with his finger snapping and such, and his lack of social awareness and difficulty admiring other people. *shrugs*
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