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    Post Chapter Six: The Prisoner (106)

    Visit the Episode GuideTHE MANDALORIAN - SEASON ONE

    A former business associate tasks the Mandalorian with joining a team of criminals to break out one of their own from a high-security New Republic prison ship.

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    Teal'c Re: Chapter Six (106)

    That was brilliant!

    Easily my favourite episode so far. Star Wars doing the classic caper/heist movie, sort of like "Ocean's 11" with just a dash of "Mission: Impossible".

    There were a couple of times I had to pause the episode because I was laughing so much.

    Richard Ayoade's voice
    right off the bat.

    Didn't recognise
    Natalia Tena
    until her name came up in the credits. And I'm usually pretty good at recognising actors/actresses under prosthetic make up.

    Two more episodes to go - you think we're leading up to a grand finale?

    Long before you and I were born, others beat these benches with their empty cups,
    To the night and its stars, to the here and now with who we are.

    Another sunrise with my sad captains, with who I choose to lose my mind,
    And if it's all we only pass this way but once, what a perfect waste of time.

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